Oysters, chocolate cake, dumplings, and a free birthday card

Barry picked me up early for food shopping, but I was luckily anticipating that. Still, I finished lunch a minute before he called! Went to Price Smart and bought almond milk x3, bananas, Charmin toilet paper, on-sale Cheemo Country Mushroom perogies x2, McCain Deep and Delicious chocolate cake, on-sale Olympic Greek yogurt (honey / strawberry), and on-sale Enoki mushrooms x4. Also purchased some Foothills spreadable butter, fresh oyster meat (for $16.98?!), a value pack of 24 Nature Valley granola bars, on-sale Ocean Spray tomato cocktail / blueberry juice, vegetarian mushroom noodles, and Samlip kimchi / leek / vegetable dumplings now that I could actually FIND them as opposed to LAST time. At home, I found out that I got Ayler’s first birthday card for free since the clerk must not have noticed it in the cart, haha. It’s sorta like the time I got a big box of laundry detergent for free because the clerk didn’t notice it in my shopping cart. (and no… I never noticed that one till I got home, either)

Foothills spreadable butter!

Cheemo Country Mushroom perogies!

Samlip kimchi dumplings!

Samlip leek dumplings!

Samlip VAGETABLE vegetable dumplings!


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