Literal handfuls, Twitter, Bible apps, Skype

Hmm… I got a Small Group email, but I can always ignore it. *wink* (Dylan’s been called to North Carolina for work, which only makes me want to reread DRUMS OF AUTUMN) I called Chinese Eric back, and of course he wanted to talk to me about hockey and the Canucks! Not a huge deal, as I had missed his brand of analysis! Discussed Jon / Harmony, Nathan, the literal handful of games left in the season (it works!), technology, Twitter being impossible to shut down because of humor, Youtube helping with insomnia these days, a nightmarish trip from HK to here with only so much sports highlights, Facebook / the Internet being the #1 thing some people would want while stranded on a deserted island, social media making you be “popular” even if you don’t know 80% of your connections, MSN / ICQ / smartphone apps (for the Bible at church), and more. He did get my email about Skype, and knew my Yahoo address had something to do with why I couldn’t just migrate over! If he calls me on Friday evening about a possible Saturday hangout, that would be AWESOME – it’s been WAY TOO LONG! 😀


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