HTML not working in FB notes / Tom and Tom sleeping at 8 / Out of this world!

Discovered that HTML doesn’t work properly in FB notes anymore – WTF?! Good thing there was no sightseeing with Tom and Tom this afternoon, as I could just take a nap at 3:15 instead! Woke up at 5:10, which was better. Then Mom called me at 6:15 – I’m not getting into a car with Dad yet, haha. If they go to Aberdeen later, it’ll work. Then again, they were in bed at 8 PM because of long flights and transfers… but they do want to have dim sum and Asian food since there’s not much of that in Minnesota! Works for me, since I had to restart my FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE game because I actually didn’t kill any Zokka enemies in the Tzen burning mansion! Friday will be fine… I think. (they had noodle soup instead)

You Are Out of this World Thoughtful

Of all the types, you are the most likely to know the names of the different stars and constellations.
You love to think about everything, and you are well-learned. You have a head for facts and interconnections.

The planet you are most connected to is Saturn. Like Saturn, you are a steadying and prudent force in this world.
You have a deep wisdom that serves you well. Others also benefit from it, if they allow themselves to.

When you look out into space, you think about how the universe works. You are excited and inspired by astronomy.
You also love to think about the history of astronomy and what it meant to cultures over time. The sky always gets you thinking!


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