I spent some time throwing stuff away and packing six cans of mushroom soup, penne, and more “to go.” *wink* Went back home to check on things and buy bright green laundry tokens, and found A SERIOUSLY OVERFLOWING KITCHEN SINK and WET CARPET! EMERGENCY!!! I let Hester know when I went to buy the laundry tokens… she was shocked! Later, she said that she could get someone from the office to see about cleaning the carpets next week… we opened the windows, mopped the kitchen floor, used Aussie shampoo to clean the carpet a bit, and she said she could get the handyman to fix the taped-up soap dish by the tub. Thank goodness! I only had to wait five years (sarcasm) – stupid Korey pulling it out! While I’m here, I might as well take a shower so I don’t have to worry about killing myself getting out of the townhouse tub!

Casualties: paper towels, one bath towel, and ALL six of my tea towels (used to clean up the water on the counter and other areas); one cutting board (fell into the muck); one pot (used to scoop up muck from the sink); a bunch of small storage containers; one Wal-Mart bag with its contents (two gum containers, a black notebook, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, pens); one sponge; one steel wool; and two detergent bottles. THANK GOODNESS I PUT THE PASTA FROM LAST WEEK ON THE DINING ROOM TABLE! (otherwise those would be unsalvageable, too!) Also, thank goodness that my dryer sheets and Shoppers handbag were just far enough away NOT to be affected by the flood! London Drugs has all these items, but I can’t buy them all at once… some now, and some in a couple of weeks. Actually, I don’t plan to replace the pot yet as it’s one I haven’t used in years! When the plumber asked if I had something to scoop up the water in the sink, he looked at the pot I use to cook with – NO WAY. YOU ARE GETTING A POT WHICH I NEVER USE!



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