$80 replacement containers, towels, and more!

Went to London Drugs and got replacement on-sale Gillett’s tea towels / mopping towels, Lysol (cheaper than Febreze), a blue Starfrit cutting board, steel wool x4, store brand dish detergent x3 (orange and lemon), toothpaste, and two on-sale storage containers. The total was $80.40, and I got rid of MOST loonies and quarters. Got home to put the stuff away, and found wet paper and Ziploc bags in a drawer! GREAT.

I forgot the bath towel, but I can get that some other time, too. The manager recommended staying home on the weekend, but that isn’t possible since I need to water the plants and take the garbage out on Sunday. Will be back home hopefully early Monday to see about the cleaning. Needed to get to the townhouse to do LAUNDRY and EAT! Got to the townhouse at 8:40, HOURS after I intended to. Had honey spareribs, brown rice, and prawns for dinner.


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