Rescheduling, pork chops, mushrooms, POGS personality

I rescheduled with Chrystal for next Wednesday (no hockey game or small group conflicts!) at 7 near Oakridge. It works for both of us; she did get my message, and understands. She asked whether I was feeling better now; yup, except for this intermittent cough and sneeze! The Canucks played Phoenix tonight, but lost 4-2. Ugh. Had pork chops, chicken, rice, chickpeas, and mushrooms for dinner tonight.

You Are Organized

You are driven by an acute sense of responsibility and conscientiousness. You are a firm believer in pulling your own weight.
You like rules more than most people. Even if they’re a pain to follow, you like to know where the boundaries are.

You are analytical and cool-headed. When confronted with a monumental problem, you’re willing to go slow and take one step at a time.
Even if you aren’t a scientist, you have a lot of respect for the scientific method. You like to test out ideas and theories.

You appreciate quality, and you have high standards for everything in your life. You always give others credit for a job well done.
You have a head for facts. You are very precise and detail-oriented. And you can’t help but correct people when they are wrong!

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