Coffee liqueur, lobster burger patties, ribeye steak, and tripe

Jon picked me up in the rain, and said that Harmony already had enough sweets from Mom; I’m sure, but I gotta contribute! Haha! Talked about how people notice when I’m not around at church; hey, I still go to small group, so whatever! Mom showed me milk (which expires in two days… 7-11 run tomorrow?), apple juice x2, coffee liqueur, half and half, alphabet cookies, Fred Meyer’s blueberry / vanilla / raspberry yogurt, Italian breadsticks, pasta boxes x5, Lays BBQ chips, Land O’Lakes butter, peanut butter, Nutella, scallion (green onion) biscuits, veggie soda biscuits, V8, Vitasoy x3, BenCafĂ© instant coffee mix, jambalaya rice / dirty rice / Spanish rice Zatarain’s mixes, duck wings, Popsicles, an apple pie Larabar, Valentine’s Day jellybeans x2, Valentine’s Day milk chocolate XOXO Hershey’s treats, frozen corn, frozen peas, mi goreng instant noodles x2, instant dark roast coffee, curry chicken, soy beef tripe, chicken nuggets, bread, ribeye steak, and English muffins. She also showed me the bread, prawn / rice / honey garlic ribs, pork and beans, Breyer’s mint chocolate chip ice cream (“frozen dessert”), a teriyaki stick, a Slim Jim beef stick, a Jack’s beef Linkstick, lobster burger patties, perogies x2, chicken cordon Swiss, Chiclets gum x12, Corn Pops, Raisin Bran, a pack of Starburst candy, chili chicken thighs, tapioca pudding x2, Trident spearmint gum x4, Munchero’s hot and spicy peanuts, Eclipse spearmint gum, American / jalapeno / Swiss sliced cheeses, habanero pepper chili, and candies. I had to finish my parents’ laundry for them, but that’s okay. At least I think I packed enough clothing and spare things this time!

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