SongPop / The Bookshelf Test

Christine introduced me to SongPop on Facebook, but my reflexes are relatively slow and I KEEP LOSING! Not good for my competitive nature at all, haha.

Your Bookshelf is Informative

You collect books because you are a glutton for facts and information. You take in as much as possible.
You never pass up a book that will teach you something new – whether it’s well-written non-fiction or a classic novel.

Your favorite books are dense and full of knowledge. You like a book to rock your world and completely change the way you think.
You read to learn and experience everything. You believe reading is the best form of travel, including time travel.

You see your book collection as a work in progress. Since you read every kind of book, you still have many to acquire.
Over time, you’d like to have a mini-library of your own. Whenever you need to look something up, you’d like to have just the book to do it in.


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