DUO-E mission complete! / VirtuaNES / ANOTHER 4-3 shootout loss

Finally found the Aero DUO bar at London Drugs that I was missing for Chinese Eric, and also got him a Belgian milk chocolate E. He’ll probably look past the Valentine’s Day stuff, heh. (got on-sale V8 tomato juice as well) Then I went to the pharmacy next door for sleep aids; I returned the melatonin with the receipt later since it needs to be swallowed instead of dissolving like normal. Blah. I definitely had the sushi for a meal before the hockey game against the Blackhawks, though!

Had to find a new NES emulator which won’t execute undefined orders… no more VirtuaNES for me, I suppose! Ian actually sent me a message back; he says he remembers me, and hopes I’m doing as great as he is. Can’t say I don’t know when I’ll next go to the Ladner Legion, but we can always see! Discovered the start of redrum, too. The Canucks were down 3-1 at the start of the third, but Edler and Bieksa scored SWEET GOALS to send the game to overtime and a shootout! Unfortunately, it was ANOTHER 4-3 shootout loss. DAMMIT.


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