Privacy, consent, straw mushrooms, 45 minutes EARLY, hassles

Barry came 45 minutes EARLY (!!!) at 12:20 and disrupted my schedule; I WAS GOING TO EAT LUNCH! I had to be content with half of the lunch; when I got to the car, I discovered that he had blue Ministry forms for me to sign. Okay, privacy and consent I can get behind… but still. Purchased vegetarian noodles, mustard green duck soup vermicelli, bananas x4, stuffed clams, a sushi / sashimi / teriyaki combo meal, two cans of straw mushrooms (which I haven’t had in a long time), a box of whole-wheat pasta, almond milk x2, bottled water x12, and Samlip kimchi dumplings. Then Barry came up to me in the middle of the store, and I felt rushed! He said he wasn’t (got bored in the magazine section), but I still felt compelled to leave ASAP.

I did find out that the chocolate and juices I’d wanted to get are still cheaper at London Drugs, so I had to go out again. Turns out the sale on the Aero was over, so I walked to Price Smart; got six on-sale Knorr soup mixes (vegetable / chicken noodle / minestrone), Aero duo x3 (got a milk chocolate tablet by accident – it would be too much of a hassle to return, so I’ll just eat it or give it to Eric Ho), Aero truffle x4, and on-sale Blueberry Muffin NutriBites. Got 4L of on-sale apple juice and another on-sale Concord Grape / cranberry juice at London Drugs, then got some black cherry Strepsils for my sore throat at the pharmacy next door. Hopefully, I can find a Duo at London Drugs on Wednesday!

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