Stew, granola bars, silver bling, and GIGI KUPP

It was small group tonight, yikes. Got my Ocean Spray Concord grape-cranberry juice (which we didn’t use – at least it was on sale) and was at Deb’s by about 6:45 or so. At least we had a good crock pot dinner of stew! Sharon, Deb, and Vicky confirmed that their emails to me have been bouncing; yes, ridiculous and NOT explained by Gmail storage limits! Deb shared a LOT about her past, which at least was a chance to get to know her better. Declan liked my silver bling necklace (and the guitar), but also made me hungry for granola bars when he was snacking on that, bread, and applesauce. Since I don’t have any at the moment, I’ll have to get some tomorrow! Ron drove me home, which is good.

The BREATH OF FIRE II party goes to Guntz and meets Eichichi, who is GIGI KUPP (ace engineer) in the retranslation! Hahaha!

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