Undershirts, style, sweatshirts, BATHROOM READERS, walking on water

Went to the mall this afternoon for an ultimately fruitless expedition to get a sweatshirt… Aeropostale, Sears, Old Navy, Sportschek, and other places didn’t have them. However, Sears did have an undershirt in my preferred style unlike LAST WEEK, so I broke my maple syrup-smelling $100 bill. My birthday buddy Vicky H. saw me at Shoppers Drug Mart; I thought I heard my name being called behind me, haha. Decided to stop by Chapters; I spent all but $2 of the $25 gift card from Melissa / Mrs. Tee on Uncle John’s True Crime: A Classic Collection of Crooks, Cops, and Capers (Bathroom Reader’s Institute) and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Impossible Questions and Astounding Answers (Bathroom Reader’s Institute) there. Then I had to go to London Drugs to get soy milk, plus on-sale Ocean Spray Concord Grape-cranberry juice for tomorrow night’s small group. I saw those new Aero bars (truffle! milk chocolate / dark chocolate duo!) which I’d wanted to get last time, so bought those plus some chocolate milk as a treat. I should call Barry if my sleep schedule ever approaches “conventional” hours, haha. Got home and promptly cut myself with my scissors, which was unexpected. Bandages! The Canucks played the Wild tonight, and had a defensive game in the 2-1 win. Also talked to Janina about something, heh.

Thanks to a “walk through walls” code for the retranslated BREATH OF FIRE 2, we can SEQUENCE BREAK! This is Mt. Maori WAY before we’re supposed to get there: “April 30th, 12 AM version!”

Now we’re walking in the water near Rand’s hometown, Farma!

Here we are on Grandpa Whale after exiting the Uparupa Cave and going near Newhaven / HomeTown! Sequence breaking RULES!

2 Responses to “Undershirts, style, sweatshirts, BATHROOM READERS, walking on water”

  1. Uncle John’s is great!

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