Deb, bouncing emails (WTF?), birthstones, and soulmates

Got a message from Deb saying that Sharon’s emails to me have been bouncing, which I think is ridiculous since Gmail doesn’t have a small storage limit. Turns out it’s about small group and dinner on Wednesday, as I thought. Also, the new $100 bill does slightly smell of maple syrup, unless that’s the power of suggestion.

Sapphire Says You Are Wise

You are a truth seeker… no matter what the truth ends up being. You want answers.
And you don’t believe in one truth, either. The truth is always changing, and that’s part of the journey for you.

Sapphires are thought to bring clarity. You are good at clearing the chatter out of your head, and focusing on what’s important.
You are honest and loyal to your friends. If someone or something is harming your friend, you let your friend know.

You go best with topaz. You are both blunt and fiery, but you feel strongly about each other. You can set the world on fire together.
You clash with turquoise. You feel like turquoise is too fluttery, and Sag thinks you’re too serious. You just don’t mesh.

You Are Looking for a Soul Mate

You are a compassionate and empathetic person. You care deeply about people – and not just about the people in your life.
You are very emotionally expressive. If you feel something, you just put it out there. You can’t bottle things up.

You are looking for a similarly emotionally in tune person. You want a partner who can connect with you on every level.
Your ideal partner is emotionally available and ready to become close. You can’t deal with distance of any sort.

You and your soul mate will build a rich inner world together… a world built on understanding, sharing, and connection.
Your soul mate also desires to experience everything deeply and completely. And the two of you will be able to enjoy it all together.

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