Year of the Snake! / Sebastian / Christopher / Get-togethers / BLING

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2013… it’s the Year of the Snake!

Chantelle says that FB didn’t tell her that she had a lot of messages, but she hopefully has my stuff… excellent. I called Eric at 9 AM, and was like “ANSWER YOUR DAMN PHONE” when he DID, hahaha. He wondered whether I was going to church… unfortunately for my sleep schedule, yes. When he came by later, to drive to church we discussed my week / people / curling / small group / Chinese New Year / my own relationship advice to him (“don’t say THIS to other girls if you’re involved with someone else”) / my parents going away again but not really on holiday. After drinking some water from the cooler, I went into service, and was surprised when Pat handed me a red envelope with my bulletin. I didn’t think the ESC had the budget for that kind of thing, haha. She said it contained Bible verses, and I heard later that they were all unique, being from Psalms. Considering Psalm 119 of 150 has 176 verses alone (who says I don’t remember stuff from Sunday School?), I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true! During the announcements, Pastor Dan said that Calla and Stanford had had a baby boy named Sebastian last Monday!

Saw Dylan, so gave him his birthday card – he was surprised! Gave Jon some mail, too. Talked to Eric about the AGM and the need to buy luncheon tickets from Brian NOW if I were to show up that day. Turns out that need was erased a few minutes later by a conversation I had with Auntie May, who wants to take me out to lunch sometime anyhow, so why not use that lunchtime? Talked to Auntie Ying, who says we should get together too. Uncle Peter is quite independent, and baby Declan was very interested in his shiny silver cane, wanting to use it. Said hi to Auntie Catherine, who says we should get together when the weather is warmer for the children’s sake… sure! Went upstairs eventually – peeked in at Toddler Sunday School, where Shira and Mattias were doing whatever they wanted, according to Jessie.

I saw Andrea with her new baby boy Christopher! Saw Chuck later on, so congratulated him too. We talked about Elaine, Facebook, the baby liking to sleep on them, Ayler’s head being really huge in comparison (it’s grown a lot), Ayler being normally happy (I saw him for about an hour), the snowstorm ALMOST impacting their flight out yesterday (they were VERY lucky to get the last flight out without waiting three days in the airport like some people), and other things. Wes liked making Ayler smile by tossing him gently, and he did squeal in delight once – that made Olivia and her friends look over from their table, haha. Saw Vivian, Karen, Lincoln, Raymond, Jeremy, Nathan W., Kevin, Julie, Quan, and a sneaky Gino… he tapped me on the shoulder and disappeared. Ayler likes eggplant and eggs, but not apples or yogurt. Eric and I discussed small group and dinner with Pastor Dan later, too.

Went for lunch at a very crowded PRINCE Chinese Seafood Restaurant (after saying hi to Ian, Sean, and Jordan) with my parents and their fellowship friends. Auntie Stella has a blingy iPhone case! (Tracy posted a picture to Facebook of baby Alexis trying to eat her lucky red envelope – cute!) Later, my mom told me about the preparations she’s making for my crashing at their place: frozen takeout, pork chops / mushrooms, and other food items. Then we went to Langara, where Mom got muffins, bananas, ice cream, and her pay stub for tax purposes. Now we’re at Steph’s, where Havarti the dog is VERY excited! Talked about cancer, pictures, TV, names, HOUSE HUNTERS, cars, and more. Turns out Dad and I have one of the same favorite names (Sebastian), for much the same reason. When I was a kid, I liked “fancy” names like Sebastian, Josephine, Jacqueline, Geraldine, Gwendolyn, and more because they were better than mine!


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