CHINESE ERIC, Sean, Infinity dungeon, Dologany, E. Sludges, LOD

Got a message from Sean K., but I’d already figured out its contents from the friend request, hahaha! Crazy people from Adelaide, hehe. 😀

Thank God that I found a “no random battles” code for this LONG Infinity dungeon in BREATH OF FIRE II when I’m just trying to get somewhere. STEN BONDED WITH SPOO AND SESO SHAMANS! SWITCH ENEMIES! 😀

This Betty Crocker raw chocolate chip cookie dough which I got from the 7-11 is too sweet now… I’m going to have to throw it out. 😦

I was also immersed in the weekly tradition when I decided to check my phone – OH MY GOODNESS! CHINESE ERIC HAD ACTUALLY CALLED, AND NOT TOO LONG AGO! Of course I had to call him back and ask whether he’d disappeared, haha. He said he’d had to deal with a lot of family stuff revolving around his grandma; totally understandable! Talked about hockey, the Canucks, Ukrainian food (perogies and cabbage rolls don’t do it for him), breaking his MissionsFest streak by not going (he’d heard that the guest speaker was good from his mom’s church friend), a “backlog” of calls from me before I decided to stop appearing like a crazy stalker, wifi, Hawaiian cruises, watching sports highlights for relaxation, and other things before his mom called him to dinner at almost 7. I did tell him that my MSN won’t work, though.

After traversing Infinity, I have control of Valerie in Dologany, where the dragon clan live underground. This guy says, “YOUR leaving the grounds, Valerie? It’s going to be lonely without you…”

Valerie, little Ryu, and baby Yua in Gate… DEMONS ARE ATTACKING!

What is the weak E. Sludge monster doing in the FINAL dungeon?! HAHAHAHAHA!

While fishing, you can “Equip LOD / bait”… like “ROD” was too hard for the original translators?!

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