My brain, Greek yogurt, Italy, Los Angeles, and books

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You Are Very Mysterious

You are the type of person who is naturally mysterious – you just don’t open up easily.
You give enough information to let others be curious about you, but most of what they know about you is speculation.

It’s likely that a few people know you well. You are a mystery that unfolds over time.
Your aura of mystery makes you quite alluring. You never give too much away too soon, and you leave people wondering.

Your Brain is a Cancer

Your head is led by your heart. There is a highly emotional component to every thought you have.
You are a people person. You can’t help but see the faces behind each idea and thought.

Sometimes, your thoughts and feelings are in conflict. When that’s true, it’s your heart that usually wins out.
You don’t like logical arguments that don’t address compassion and humanity. You find rationality a bit cold for your taste.

You Should Live in Santa Monica

If you lived in Southern California, you’d bliss out on the beautiful weather and laid-back outdoor activities.
And the perfect place for you to experience Los Angeles culture would be Santa Monica with its beaches, pier, and promenade.

While Santa Monica isn’t technically LA, you’d prefer this laid-back, pedestrian-friendly city instead. You’d almost always prefer to be at the beach.
You’ll save the traffic and fast-paced LA life for someone else. You’re content to do your own thing in Santa Monica… even if that’s nothing at all.

You Mostly Respect Yourself

When it comes to self-respect, you are good at remembering to practice it. You are a big believer in self-esteem.
You set your boundaries and take care of yourself as much as you can, but you’re not perfect. And that’s okay.

Part of self-respect is letting yourself make mistakes. So if you don’t stand up for yourself once or eat too much junk food, it’s fine.
Just keep working on loving yourself, and all of the little slip-ups won’t matter. You’ve got the big picture down, and that’s what’s important.

You Are Cherry-Flavored Greek Yogurt

You are a sweet and optimistic person. You totally embrace the world and savor every new thing you are introduced to.
You have a strong appreciation for nature. You love to be outdoors, and you prefer to eat food that is as fresh as possible.

You are passionate and a little untamed. You always follow your heart, and sometimes your passions get you in trouble.
You really go full force with everything in life. You don’t believe in doing things halfway.

Your Scent is Fresh and Youthful

You love to smell great, but you’re not big on heavy or complicated scents.
Your ideal scent is light, clean, and natural. You want your scent to be barely detectable.

You are real and down to earth. Your simplicity, charm, and optimism are very attractive.
The scents that fit you best are orange flower, grapefruit, and citrus.

You Should Visit Venice

You are a true romantic, and you want to be inspired by your surroundings. You crave a place with poetry.
You are possibly a dreamer, a writer, an artist, or all of the above. You appreciate beauty – both unique and common.

Venice is perfect for you because it’s full of serendipity and inspiration. You can explore aimlessly and find delight on every corner.
If you’re looking to get out of a rut, fall in love, or develop a hidden talent, then Venice is the city for you!

You Are an eBook

You are more of an eBook type, even if you haven’t made the transition fully yet.
You like reading as much as the next paper book fan, if not more. You are dedicated to reading a lot.

In fact, you read so much that you really can appreciate the ease of eBooks. At this point, paper books slow you down.
For you, there is nothing better than being able to get a new book cheaply and easily. You never know when the reading bug is going to strike you.

You Are the Airing of Grievances

You love the holidays, but you don’t sugarcoat them. You know that there’s a downside to spending so much time with your family.
In fact, you think it’s about time everyone got real about the holidays. And that starts with the Airing of Grievances.

For Festivus, you’ll get your family together for a nice dinner, and then you’ll tell them how they have disappointed you over the past year.
It may sound harsh, but at least everything will be out in the open. And then you’ll all start the new year with a clean slate.

Your Holiday Style is Fun

For you, the holidays are a very carefree time of year. You’re all about celebrating.
You are into anything that is festive and free-spirited. Bring on the parties and seasonal accessories!

You are busier than usual this time of year. You do your best to catch up with as many people as you can.
And who knows? You may just don a reindeer hat or little red nose because you feel like it!

You Are a Messenger Bag

You are a real go-getter. You are always in the middle of a gazillion projects, and nothing is going to slow you down.
You dance the line between practical and stylish. You need things in your life that work, but they also have to look good!

You are constantly evolving and changing. You are usually on the cusp of an amazing self-discovery.
You may have a bit of a reputation for being a wild child, but at least you are never predictable or boring.

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  1. So glad you posted all these! Yup, we’re back – hope you enjoy the new quizzes and features I have coming 🙂

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