FALLING AWAY FROM ME, not falling away from faith!

Vanessa told me that her friend Dan says we have to be at the Ukrainian Hall early on Friday, around 5; good thing Francis / Railway is pretty damn close to the townhouse! She says her friend Ian is coming too, so I guess that should be interesting. I barely managed to shower and eat some beef noodles before Eric picked me up for small group. He made me guess that he’d brought spicy wasabi peas to share with everyone… and activated the Parisienne fart lever mechanism! I told Dylan, Deb, Vicky, Pastor Dan, and Sharon about my Blairs habanero pepper chips; too spicy for Vicky! Pastor Dan wanted us to do a new prayer thing, and got strangely excited about something Eric said, and his Hebrews discussion on “falling away [from faith]” only served to remind me of Korn’s FALLING AWAY FROM ME. Declan wanted to take my mug, but I showed him that it was empty of orange juice! Got home to find out that the Canucks won 3-0 over the Avalanche, so YAY!

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