Chocolate cake, Blair’s habanero pepper chips, Wilson, and Brigitte

I told Vanessa that I’d go to that Ukranian dinner, so I gotta shower on Friday afternoon BEFORE 5. Then I went to the 7-11; I guess I wasn’t looking hard enough for chocolate cake last time, as I found McCain Deep and Delicious (too huge for me right now – possibly when I get home!) and Nemo’s individual chocolate cake slices! Got one of those, a smoked turkey and cheddar sandwich, plus a bag of Blair’s habanero pepper chips! Then when I got home, Eric was asking if I’d like a ride to small group since he’s coming home to get the car. His parents are going to the Canucks game tonight, so obviously he doesn’t want to be stranded!

My second cousin Wilson and I do look contemplative at dinner (with mango bubble tea) in Scarborough at some Pho place!

Steph clowning it up with our cousin Brigitte!

Jon with what is probably a durian bubble tea. I forgot that my mom’s in the background of this photo, blah! đŸ˜›

Mike, our second cousin Anna, their kids Ethan and Brigitte, and our second cousin Wilson at Pho in Scarborough!

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