Steph, Melissa, A to T.JPG, sitting on our brother, etc.

I found a bunch of old photos on this computer! These are some VERY descriptive filenames, Dad… “a.jpg” / “b,jpg” / “c.jpg” …. all the way up to “t.jpg”! Vanessa invited me to a Ukrainian dinner on Friday; I’ll think about it!

Steph and Melissa in the kitchen at Rosehill:

Some things never change from 2004… we probably still sit on our brother!

This is NG family affection!

Steph and Erin:

Steph and Grandma:

Grandma had Canucks spirit at the airport!

Grandma and me at the airport:

Melissa and me at YVR:

On the Maritimes bus tour, Steph impersonates a wild rabbit in Rockport, Ontario!

Wow, that is one BIG APPLE in Colborne, ON

Montreal Indian statue!

Jon and me being weird in Fredericton:

Steph, at the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse where they give you a special cancellation mark if you mail their postcards from there!

Wow, these are SOME HUGE ROCKS at the Bay of Funday in Nova Scotia! They were the bane of my existence at 6 AM, and were VERY hard to navigate!

My siblings and I checked out the world’s longest covered bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick!

Jon standing on a cannon in Old Quebec!

Jon near an art gallery in Old Quebec:

Here’s a suit of armor in Old Quebec!

Jon looking weird at the Niagara Falls self-guided tour that he and I were on:

Steph sitting in this HUGE chair at the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum:

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