BISTRO flatbread, mango juice, no 7–11 appeal, 5:45 AM

I had a cheddar, steak, and mushroom BISTRO flatbread (like pizza) for dinner last night. It was okay, but nothing that I’d spend a bunch of money on unless I absolutely had to. Then since I finished some Minute Maid apple juice, it was off to the 7-11 for more! I bought some Oasis mango juice and some SunRype apple juice, as nothing else really appealed to me (or was too expensive for now) and I have some more milk to finish, anyway.

Today, I was NOT impressed when my mother’s alarm went off at 5:45 IN THE MORNING! WHAT THE HECK?! Vanessa wanted to meet for lunch today, but figured it would be too rushed before her 1 PM appointment; tomorrow it is! This means I gotta shower sometime today… probably before the weekly tradition, or afterwards. Some Egyptian person wanted to add me on LJ – no, thanks! I still remember what Alan said to an Egyptian on ICQ once: “Whoa, you guys have COMPUTERS there?!” Hahaha, typical Galan!


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