Black boxes with high-pitched ringing noises

White Eric called me yesterday to give me some bad news, and to ask whether I was interested in a black box that makes a high-pitched ringing noise. Apparently, he’d turned on his old computer and this is what happened. I told him that – coincidentally enough – my mom had decided to retire her old desktop and give it to me instead. We figured that Sunday after church would be a good time to see if it and the monitor worked at my place; it worked as recently as Christmas Eve here at the townhouse! Suppose this means we’ll eat lunch out with people; as long as we don’t eat lunch with anyone whom I disapprove of, this should be okay. I decided that I had to take a shower, then launder some sweaters and towels.

Got to the townhouse today by about 11 or so; threw away the expired sour cream and onion Lays chips, since I made a stop at 7-11 for some BBQ Pringles chips as a replacement. Found some red beet juice from Thailand (possibly expired?), bacon, brown rice, pineapple, Uncle Ben’s Chinese Fried Rice, Hot and Spicy instant noodles x2. beef ramen, seaweed, 1.5 boxes of Pot of Gold Excellence chocolates, Quality Street chocolates, hot and sour soup mix, mi goreng noodles x3, mushroom soup, mushroom pieces, chicken noodle Chunky Soup, bananas, the raspberry / peach-passion fruit / strawberry / peach / pineapple-coconut-banana / melon trio [honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon] / mango-pineapple / fieldberry Source yogurt, FRUIT DELIGHT candies, and other stuff. It didn’t take long for me to get fed up with the Internet Explorer on Dad’s computer, so I installed Google Chrome… now I can listen to Youtube videos for background noise! I did Mom a favor and threw out the expired sour cream and the expired Greek yogurt, even if those were in the freezer. Then I got around to checking my email: Eric had emailed me about the computer issue, but wanted to make sure my stuff is working first before he tries resolving a power supply issue on the “high-pitched ringing noise black box.” Noticed that Andrew Cota had unfriended me on Facebook, so I’ll do my normal M.O. when it comes to that sort of thing, and block him! MUHAHAHA!


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