$1 Sidekicks stocking up, PRECIOUS, football ranting, numb dental freezing

While I was out yesterday, I bought on-sale Sidekicks (Chicken Fried Rice / Creamy Chicken Fusili / Garlic Butter with Lemon / Country Mushroom / Honey Garlic Noodles / Mexican Rice / Singapore Curry Noodles), a bento box with sushi / teriyaki chicken / gyoza / pink ginger / wasabi / rice / lettuce / sauce, on-sale Chunky Soup ($1 for chicken noodle soup!), mushrooms x5, and Ocean’s salmon. My clerk was named PRECIOUS, and yes, she was black! Was home by 7:10 since I insisted on waiting for the 407 despite the cold weather. Called Mom a while later after I got settled; she invited me to lunch today with Pastor Fulton, but THANK GOODNESS that I had the dentist appointment! (his wife Auntie Teresa is… really Asian :P) She wants to show me what all is in the house for my crashing there (cooked chicken / Sidekicks / coffee / 4L of milk / other stuff which I could get at 7-11 if it runs out), so I guess I’m going to have to take the bus there by 11:15-ish on Thursday before lunch with Jon / Harmony / Ayler. At least this was the first time I talked to her since Christmas Eve! (very limited doses are key) She also said it was no problem if I used her computer while they’re away (phew!), and wondered if I should take one of theirs! Hahaha! What timing!

Then I got into my “READING ZONE,” so failed to notice when Chinese Eric called me. I did check the phone a while later, so called him back when he was in the shower! Haha, oh well! We discussed his opinion of the Atlanta-Seattle football game (I just listened to stuff about touchdowns and near-comebacks), the Canucks game on Saturday (he’ll be out all day with a family friend from Victoria who lives near the ferry terminal), driving / going too slow or too fast for the speed limit, blogging, famous people on Youtube, his visions of a future business, social media reaction being INSTANT these days, bubble tea restaurants, complications and business being complex, Chinese people being practical, and a bunch more stuff. It was good to talk to him, and I’m glad he thought of me when he wanted to get his frustrations and rants out, even if I didn’t understand all of it!

Today, I had a dentist appointment which involved freezing, numbness, drills, OPEN MOUTH for a LONG TIME, and not going back for a year because of insurance reasons. I bought on-sale Kraft Dinner x4 (Alfredo / High-Fibre / Flax-Omega 3 / Cheese and Tomato) and more on-sale Sidekicks x7 (Chicken and Broccoli / Cheddar and Broccoli / Stroganoff / Homestyle Cheddar / White Cheddar and Broccoli / Chicken / Three Cheese) at Safeway. After this stop at the Apple Store, I’ll go home. No laundry!

Stroganoff Sidekicks!


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