Lufia is the Sinistral ERIM?!!!!!!

Thanks to DaveTheUsher and his Youtube playthrough videos, I was able to get the proper names under the enemies I was missing! The hacker forum codes DID help to a certain extent, but they provided the wrong names… yes, I’m OCDL like that. đŸ˜‰

After going through Aisen Tower and fighting Pirates and a Bosun, we finally find Lou Shaia from Lorbenia, whose father is in a jail cell down below. “You… you! Are you still chasing me? My stealing days are over!”

The party finally gets the Dual Blade in the sunken Fortress of Doom, when statues of Sinistrals suddenly appear!

These statues are good likenesses of Gades and Amon, but what’s this at the back? “Is this statue… me? Is this me?”

“This is Lufia, isn’t it? Why is a statue of Lufia among the Sinistrals? “”How the hell would I know?” “Well, this is clearly a statue of you.” “Are you saying I’m a Sinistral?!” “Maybe I am!” “Look, I’m Lufia. I was raised in Alekia by Roman. I’m just an ordinary woman, I know nothing about this!” “Lufia.” “LOOK, I TOLD YOU! I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING, OKAY!” “I’m not saying that!” “Look, how long have I known you? You’re Lufia, and no one else.” “FLAMI…” “Could this be a trap? Is someone trying to break us up?”

Daos: “The day of our reunion has come. The waiting is finally over. The day of our reunion has arrived.” “Reunion? Where’s Erim? I don’t see her.”

“Erim was revived 16 years ago.” “16 years?” “Indeed. Erim is Lufia. Lufia is Erim.” “LIAR! You lie!”

“Lufia. Do you remember your parents?” “….” “Of course not. You have no parents. They never existed. You are Erim.” “….” “We can use our energy to assume any form we choose.” “Lufia doesn’t remember her parents because they died when she was small.”

“So you say. But why do you think we let you live this long?” “….” “I am pleased. You have brought Lufia back to me.” “What are you saying?”

“Don’t you see? Maxim destroyed us 99 years ago. Now Lufia has returned us to life. Lufia’s power brought our energies together once more.” “NO! NOOO!!” “It’s a lie! She could never revive you! You’re lying!” “Hear me, mortal! Look past your emotion. See the truth of my words. Go ahead. Ask her a question.”

“Aaaah!” “Lufia! Lufia! Speak to me!” “She is still alive. I only shocked her to unlock the memories.” “My head. FLAMI, help me!” “Lufia! Hang on!” “Daos. Her recovery will take time.” “We have all the time in the world. Come….” An earthquake!” “No! The fortress is moving.” “FLAMI!” “Jerin! Escape!” “Let’s get out of here!”


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