Dreaded killer bunny, becoming ONE, frustration, sleeping in the open

Talked briefly to Chinese Eric on the phone tonight before his mom had to make a phone call. We managed to discuss MSN being no more soon (but Skype instead?!), Missions Fest, Jon’s evil plot / upcoming installation, my parents’ cruise, Steph’s upcoming birthday (Jon isn’t the youngest sibling even if he’s the youngest of Eric’s age group!), and his grandma.

At the circus near Windia: “Is it a half-man, half-doughnut? Or, is it the dreaded killer bunny?” No, the “Grass Man” is actually Spar!

Ryu is with Sana and Granny, who explain UNITING to him: “You and I… become one…. and you know the rest…” OH MY. o_O

After Jah Woods burns down because of the power of the dragon, you can’t find your buddies in Capitan, and “you came back to the village looking very frustrated.”

Nina, in her room at TownShip: “You LOOKS tougher and stronger.”

“Sleeping in the open is good. Do you want to sleep in the open?” FREE REST, and a way to uncurse my characters since TearDrops don’t seem to work?! HELL, YEAH! (should have used Vitamins!)

There’s a funny sign east of Windia: “You! Did you change into a frog?”

“Or did you fly here!?”


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