Overcoming fear, Elder FLAKE, kings sneaking out incognito

“Overcome your fear!” – random plaque in the Apprentice’s Tower.

Character at the cave north of Kirof: “This cave is dangerous, so I make sure no children enter.”

The jeweler in Ruan tells us that rubies (like the Hope Ruby in Medan / the Medan Mines) and red sapphires (such as the broken one found in the Green Tower) ARE THE SAME THING! We didn’t KNOW that! o_O

Our party finally reaches Elfrea, the Village of the Elves, and discovers that Artea of Doom Island (with Mirka the housekeeper) is also still alive 100 years later! (good thing HE doesn’t die like Guy did!) We must have his help because the Sinistrals are about to return!

LONGEST FETCH QUEST! From HCBailly: “Return to Odel and talk to Prion. He will tell you to inspect the bridge before they set out. After that, you have to return to Odel to get Piron to go fix it. Next, you have to go back to the bridge to talk to Piron to progress with the plot. Then, you have to walk ALL the way around the cave to get on a cliff to INSPECT THEIR WORK?! Finally, you can walk back to the bridge and move along.”

“Le fallas, La fallas. ??? Must be some kind of spell.” Only Lufia can open this door in the lower levels of the Cave to Arus!

After climbing the Tower of Grief, we meet the elder of Arus…. whose name is FLAKE?! He also knows the hero fought the Sinistrals because of his great energy! (Maxim’s descendant and all…)

At the Shaia Lab / Platina: “I am the genius Raile Shaia.”

At Forfeit Town, we can buy back all the items we’ve sold throughout the world! We also meet this king: “I’m a king who’s wild about rare things. Sometimes I sneak out incognito. Hey! That’s a secret!”


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