Unfriending Olga, Dwalin the Hobbit, inns at dungeons

Replied to Mandy’s email, and also unfriended Olga since she was getting annoying. DO NOT SEND ME MULTIPLE MESSAGES TELLING ME THE SAME THING, especially when you have bad grammar to start with! Paid my phone bill, too.

Your result for Which Dwarf from The Hobbit are you?…


22% Extroversion, 25% Intuition, 47% Attachment, and 47% Organization!

Congratulations, you are most like DWALIN, brother of Balin, and second in command in the Company of Thorin Oakenshield. Dwalin is a renowned warrior and proficient with weapons of all kinds, in particular his battle axes, Ukhlat and Umraz. You have strong observational skills, taking an interest in the mechanics of how things work. The pursuit of this curiosity gives you the unique ability to be highly adaptable in manipulating tools in their environments, and achieving mastery in their usage.

You approach your environment in a practical and logical manner, addressing the problems at hand. You are highly adaptable and independent, making you good at responding quickly and appropriately in emergencies. This leads you to pursue action and thrill-seeking activities. These attributes have helped Dwalin out of numerous tight spots during his years of battling and hardship. Your greatest strengths lie in your autonomy and resourcefulness.

Some people perceive you as detached, as you prefer complex problems and mechanics that you can apply your logic to, rather than the messy emotions of other people. You enjoy having your personal space, with ability to be independent and spontaneous. This need to distance yourself from people makes you come off as critical and guarded to those who don’t have your trust. Dwalin will follow none except those who have earned his respect, but when they have, he is fiercely loyal to the last. He would willingly lay down his life for Thorin.

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Our party goes to the Green Tower, and finds out that there’s an inn at the dungeon! (like the inn at the caves below Lifecod in DRAGON QUEST VI) “This is an inn? Do you make any money here?” “It’s strange, but the same guests always come. So I do well here.”

Unlike the aforementioned DRAGON QUEST VI cave inn, we can get into fights at this one! (two Willowisps and two Sand Men)

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