For Sale sign, censorship graves, Moonside tour

This guy actually talks to you when you block his fancy pink car in Twoson! “I always see you walking around. Walking is good for your health.”

Your party can use the “For Sale” sign they picked up at Burglin Park in Twoson! They can sell their items to customers, to the Escargo Express music! Here they are using it in Fourside on someone who looks like Mike from MOTHER 3. “Huff… puff… wheeeeze! I ran here as fast as I could… I’m plum tuckered out.”

This is what happens when you use the Runaway Five’s Backstage Pass from the Chaos Theatre in Twoson on the ticket guy in the Topolla Theatre in Fourside: “No kidding…”

Another fine example of censorship from Nintendo of America! Department Store Spook: “Gwaaagh, Gwarrrgh! You finally made it. This department store is gonna be your grave! Gwaagh. You will be gone, and you’ll be burning in… Well, you’ll go to heaven!”

More censorship at Jackie’s Café since Nintendo of America didn’t want to show drunken people! “I was in the middle of a caffeine buzz, and I had to get to the bathroom fast! When I got there, I accidentally knocked on the wall instead of the restroom door… The next thing I knew, someone asked ‘Who is it?’ and really surprised me! Maybe I just imagined it… ???” No, that’s the portal to MOONSIDE!

Here’s a tour of Moonside!

“Welcome to Moonside. Wel come to moo nsi ns, dem oons ide.”

“Do you understand all this? No? You don’t? To tell you the truth, neither do I.”

“How about I sharpen you? I just love sharpening. You don’t want me to sharpen? Sidem oonsi demoon. Welc welc omewelc omeome.”

“257 256 255 254 253… So what’s your problem? If you don’t want anything, get outta here. I’m counting backwards. 252 251 250… ” “69 68 67 66 65 64 63… What? Is this a special hobby of yours? You like watching people count backwards? 62 61 60 59… ” “9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0… Baboooooooom!! Wow! I scared myself.” “I got surprised.”

Near the Dinosaur Museum in Moonside: “Hey! Parking meters! And you’re walking around! That’s so funny!”

“Do you know whose bones are on display here? The answer is… your bones. My bones. Bone’s bones. Bone bone bone.”

“Bones are great! Do you like bones, too? You like bones? Bone bone bone.”

“I’ll tell ya what I hate in this world. That’s wonton. The color, the smell, the taste, the texture… Hey you, you’re drooling!”

Everyone’s HP drops to zero! Only not really…

“Ha! Everyone is someone! Don’t you think so? Moo nsi dem onns ide.”

Reading a sign: “(I can sense… that… you have a controller… in your… hands…)”

The beach bums who are wearing Hawaiian shirts warp you around Moonside: “Hello! And… good-bye!”

“I will send you first and then, you second… to the hospital.”

Moonside Hospital: “Yes means No, and No means Yes.”

“Hotel Dark Moon” costs 75 dollars for one sleep period for a single room.

If you stay at the hotel, it’s always the middle of the night. Here’s the headline from tonight’s edition of the MOONSIDE PRESS: “Mani Mani is always Mani Mani at Mani Mani with all Mani Mani Mani.”

There’s a shop at the hotel! “Hi, how are you doing? From the look of things, I would say, not so good.”

“I’m pretty forgetful. I even forgot why I’m here. Hmm… I just forgot something… Who am I? Am I a man?”

“If you stay here too long, you’ll end up frying your brain. Yes, you will. No, you will… not. Yesno, you will won’t.”

“The Mani Mani Statue is up ahead, but I’m going to stop you right here. Don’t even think about getting past me, because you aren’t with a guy whose eyebrows are connected and who also has a gold tooth.”

“Before the soup gets cold, we must care for Mani Mani. Before the knife gets rusty, we must care for Mani Mani.”

Foreshadowing for the Sky Runner crash-landing at the Summers beach! “I spy with my little eye… Allakazam! I see a country in summer and a big silver ball. You’re burnt, but you’re fine. That is what I see.”

“I’m really busy doing nothing, so I don’t have time to talk to you. If you need something, talk to my partner. He’s right over there… see? You mean you can’t see him?”

“Can you see me? Ha ha. You can’t? You’re definitely not from around here. Hee hee. Get going now. Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry…”

“What the…? You’re looking for some kind of door? Well, you’re not gonna find one! So, get out of my face, loser… I have no patience when people interrupt me while I’m busy doing nothing.”

“Don’t you wish you had a gold tooth like mine? Give me a smile! Heh heh.”

“Yo! Don’t you think my eyebrows rock? Check ’em out… they’re connected!”

“Huzzah! You really surprised me! You’re the man whose eyebrows are connected and who has a gold tooth! How about we dump these kids and go get something to drink?”

By the Mani Mani Statue: “Don’t do anything to me! I am… I am not Monotoli!”

The Mani Mani statue was actually a device that created illusions. The illusion device was destroyed.


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