Zombie reindeer, homemade eggnog, BIZARRE TRUTHS, and more gifts!


Got up a bit after 9 this morning, which left me less than impressed since I’d gone to bed at 2:45 AM after making another epic screenshot post. Enrico had sent me an FB message about Xmas Eve service tonight; haha, I had a family dinner! He also said that I could come out now since the snow is gone – I KNOW THAT! Thank goodness the message wasn’t from someone ELSE! Sam managed to catch me on Gmail chat to wish me a Happy Xmas; that sentiment was appreciated and returned! He told me to watch out for zombie reindeer – cute! I got a bunch of EARTHBOUND gaming time for myself before Chinese Eric arrived to pick me up at 4:40, so I didn’t mind if he was running late. He says he tried to call me earlier, but it didn’t go through!

Discussed some stores being open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (handy for emergencies and such), Gilbert, sight, vision, gum, and his football excitement on the way over to the townhouse. He’s excited about his team’s chances for the Super Bowl, all right! While there, we talked about brandy / whiskey cake, homemade eggnog (better), babies’ noise sensitivity, United States travel, dog commands, the baby crying because of Dad being mean, Nathan being in town with Ciel (Hog Shack with white Eric later on?), dogs, parenting, baby sleeping, beer, Havarti licking beer bottles, Jeremy and health issues, voting / elections / citizenship, commands, juicy turkey, LES MISERABLES, working on holidays, interning, the World Juniors, dog food / kibbles, nuts, Mom’s friends Tom and Tom, Erin, gingerbread angels, Brussels sprouts, cocktail shrimp, and more. Mom wanted to include Grandma’s portrait in our family photo, but Steph said that it would just be creepy! SO TRUE! I checked in on the sleeping baby a couple of times, too. Eric drove me home, saying he wouldn’t be chilling since he has stuff to do tomorrow; not a problem! I know one of us will probably call the other on Sunday or something after that football game, haha.

Tonight’s Gift List

* Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas card, snowman bookmark, The Book of Bizarre Truths, brandy / whiskey cake, chocolates, cookies, Mori family reminder, sour mango gummies, dried fruit, peppermint Chiclets x2, jalapeno cheese slices, DARK KNIGHT RISES T-shirt (?!), blue-and-white socks / toque / mittens set, Sears blue thin sweater, “Ho Ho Ho” Santa hat, Bailey’s mug, BLOOM COUNTY mug (Opus the penguin to Bill the cat: “if Fig Newtons are fruit and cake, then what the dickens is fruitcake?!”), thin shirt, lollipops, “Bye Polar” candies, chocolates, and Rudolph the Reindeer strawberry / watermelon gummies from Mom and Dad

* photo card from Jon and Harmony (with Ayler)

* photo card and Xmas letter from Deb and Dylan (with Declan)

* Italian cake with raisins and candied fruits, Christmas card, and a huge box of Skyflakes crackers from Auntie May (SO UNEXPECTED!)

* interesting fudge from The Candy Dish in Steveston (eggnog / candy cane / cranberry / chocolate) from the Morrills


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