MOTHER 3 BACK SPRITE Enemy List, #1-204 (includes unused enemies)

This is a list of BACK SPRITE enemies in MOTHER 3. The STARMEN page helped! I’d like to say that this GameFAQs document (MORGAN!) helped, too. This GameFAQs document (DRAGORN!) helped with the enemies. SILVER STAR!

Fassad in Chapter 1: In Chapter 1, after you wake up in the prison, go to the cemetery. After the little cutscene, go to Butch’s farm to see Fassad! This is actually foreshadowing for Chapter 3.

B9 – Black Beanling

3% Items

Mystical Stick Defeat a Heftyhead. You’ll have a 3% chance of winning it.
Mystical Gloves Defeat a Monkalrus. You’ll have a 3% chance of winning it.
Thud Charm Defeat a Hippo Launcher in the Empire Porky Building. You’ll have a 3% chance of winning it. Note that the ones on land are easier to defeat than the ones in the water.
Awesome Cloak Defeat a Pigmask Colonel in the Empire Porky Building. You’ll have a 3% chance of winning it.
Horus Bandana Defeat an Upgraded Robot in the Empire Porky Building. You’ll have a 3% chance of winning it.
Goddess Ribbon Defeat a Love Walker in the Empire Porky Building. You’ll have a 3% chance of winning it.

Enemy Modifier Codes – To fight these enemies, if you’re using VisualBoy Advance, go to Cheat List, click on Code, and type this: 020047EC:?? Now replace the ?? with the ID of the corresponding enemy, as shown below.

00-(empty) (You’ll win because there’s no enemy to fight)
01-Reconstructed Caribou
02-Mr. Passion
06-Pork Tank
07-Mr. Generator
08-Mole Cricket
09-Eerie Smile (Orangultus in disguise)
0A-Bright Smile
0C-Natural Killer Cyborg
0D-Masked Man (first time)
0E-Womanizing Pig Mask (first time)
0F-Womanizing Pig Mask (second time)
10-Jealous Bass
11-Absolutely Safe Capsule
12-Slimy Slug
13-Pokey 02
14-King Statue
15-Hippo Launcher
16-New Yokuba
17-Eerie Smile (Titanian in Disguise)
18-Lord Passion
19-T.L.C. Tree
1A-Pokey 03
1B-Pokey 08
1C-Miracle Yokuba
1D-Pork Colonel
1E-Great Antlion
20-Rhino Booster
22-Mr. Squeaks
26-Quick shroom
27-D. Birdstick
28-Top Dogfish (Master Bowwow, I think.)
29-Mr. Batty
2A-Greedy Mouse
2D-Flying Mouse
2E-Pokey 01
2F-Agitated Boar
31-Soot Dumpling
32-Baked Yammonster
33-Walking Bushy
34-CF Jellyfish
35-Metal Monkey
36-Crag Lizard
37-Potato Bug
39-Chilly Dog
3A-Sticky Slug
3C-Ramblin’ Shroom
3D-Mole Cricket (The second time you fight him, he’s a different enemy!)
3E-Boa Transistor
3F-Mischevious Mole
41-Balding Eagle
44-Frosted Bun (OK, this guy is reeeeally well hidden.)
45-Mrs. Lava
47-Zombie Man
48-Zombie Dog
49-Lost Spirit
4A-Mobile Grave
4B-Detached Leech
4C-Red Lobster
4D-Huge Pillbug
4E-Cheery Bones
4F-Big Bro
50-Barrel Man
51-Berry Slime
53-Attack Roach
54-Barrier Trio
55-Ghost Armor
56-Ghost Sword
57-Ghost Shield
58-Ghost Knight
59-Oshoe Cape
5A-Rocking Ghost
5C-Eerie Smile (Zombishroom in disguise)
5D-Dung Beetle
5E-Great Antlion (What’s the difference?)
60-Sand Lizard
61-Cactus Wolf
62-Sticky Glop
63-Mummy Cat
64-Li’l Big Bro
66-Stinky Ghost
67-Artsy Ghost
6B-Putrid Moldyman
73-Foul Attack Roach
75-Mecha Turtle
76-Bro Team
79-Sky Titany
7B-Parent Kangashark
7C-Miss Marshmallow
7D-Almost Mecha Lion
7E-Rhino Rocket
7F-Woundup Boar
80-Metal Roach
81-Soaring Mouse
82-Short Circuit Zap
83-Minor Robo
84-Love Walker
85-Eerie Smile (Dragonfly in disguise)
86-Atomic Robot
87-Nuclear Robot
88-Negative Man
8A-Nice Pose
8B-Black Potato Bug
8C-Grated Yammonster
8D-Hippo Launcher
8E-Steel Gorilla
90-Fish Roe Man
91-Pokey 07
92-Octobot Again
93-Carpet Monster
94-Recon Mech
95-Pork Soldier
96-Zombie Lady
97-Bad Shroom
98-Elder Batty
9A-Greedier Mouse
9B-Wailing Guitar
9C-Beaten Drum
9D-Reconstruced Mole
9E-Reconstucted Lion
9F-Wobbly Robo
A0-Men’s Room Sign
A1-Scrap Robo
A2-Sad Junk Heap
A3-Suprise Box
A4-Battery Man
A6-Huggy Bomb
A8-Alkaline Man (An unused enemy. Doesn’t attack.)
A9-Pokey 06
AA-Pork Lieutenant
AB-Pork Colonel
AC-Pork Commander
AE-Master Eddy (or Eddy Tide.)
AF-Rock Lobster
B0-Rooound Fish
B1-Blue Balding Eagle
B2-Security Robo
B3-Bother Wind
B4-Pokey 09
B5-Pokey 10
B7-Upgraded Robo
B9-Black Beanling
BA-Tiny Forest (An unused enemy that does fight like normal.)
BB-Pokey 04
BC-Pokey 05
BD-Masked Man (second time. Normal Music Plays. It’s actually possible to combo, but the rhythm is too fast for 16.)
BE-Masked Man (second time. Music after the Flashback plays. No comboing here. You’ll be missing because Lucas loves him.)
BF-(Empty) (Go ahead and fight it.)
C0-Pick (What kind of pick, I’ll never know.)
C1-Antlion (Not great?)
C2-Pork Trooper (Not the one you want)
C3-Crab (…)
C4-Electric Catfish (These seem to all be dummy enemies)
C5-Shimmy Zmizz (The DCMC Guy??)
C6-Magic (Another DCMC guy)
C7-Duster (What the hey?)
C8-Keyboard (Okay…)
C9-OJ (More DCMC goodness)
CA-Robot (Um…)
CB-Dung Beetle (Giygas)
CC-Tent Person (Giygas)
CD-Snow Hare (Giygas)
CE-Clayman (Giygas)
CF-Vapor (Giygas)
D0-Rope Snake (Grid background)
D1-Rope Snake (Giygas)
D2-Aeolia’s Table (Giygas)
D3-Straw (Giygas)
D4-Vapor 2 (Giygas)
D5-Mini Elevator (Giygas)
D6-Drago (Pure, untouched glory.)
D7-Pork Trooper (Again? The Pig Masks shan’t give up!)
D8-Green Train (In Soviet Russia, train rides you!)
D9-Pump Drago (Ummm… yeah. Right.)
DA-Three Amigos (Is this the slot machine in NPC?)
DB-Flower (Not a sunflower.)
DC-Rope Ladder (I have no clue. These are all odd.)
DD-Flame 3 (AAAAAH!)
DE-Flag (You’re a grand old DUMMY!)
DF-Ropeway (You didn’t earn that ropeway ticket!)
E1-Piece (of…)
E2-Flame 1 (Wait, 1 comes after 3? Where’s 2?)
E3-Lotus Root (It would be nice to find out what these really are.)
E4-Clay (So, we discovered the Clayman’s root!)
E5-Explosion (What?! How do you – never mind…)
E6-Smoke (Well, if you can hit an Explosion…)
E7-Statue Head (Anybody remember one of these in the real game?)
E8-Carousel (I forget if there’s a Carousel in NPC.)
E9-N. Dresser (North? Nude? Who knows?)
EA-Fireflies (So, it was going to be one enemy…)
EB-Hinawa Cloth (OH MY LORD!)
EC-Electric Catfish (Encore, encore!)
ED-Broom (Remember? In Osohe Castle?)
EE-Fish (Those friendly fish underwater. )
EF-Sea Urchin (What can I say?)
F0-Train (Giygas)
F1-Sign (Giygas)
F2-Sign (different than above, still Giygas)
F3-(empty) (But you can still attack it.)
F4-Portrait (of nothing)
F5-Drunk Ghost (Aww, he doesn’t deserve it)
F6-Trash Can (Where all the dummies go)
F7-Steel Ball (That sounds so wrong!)
F8-Egg of Light (Yeah. Of course.)
F9-Chestnut (I’m out of ideas here.)
FA-Rocking Ghost (Again, not the one you’re thinking of.)
FB-Candle (…)
FC-Mouse (I can understand greedy mice, but…)
FD-Energy Machine
FE-Light Blade (OH! Is that the Masked Man’s Sword?!)
FF-Wine Glass (It has no music.)

Various unused enemies that were left in Mother 3’s database. To fight these enemies, if you’re using VisualBoy Advance, go to Cheat List, click on Code, and type this: 020047EC:?? Now replace the ?? with the ID of the corresponding enemy, as shown below.

Alkaline Man – A8
Duster – C7
Firefly Swarm – EA
Flame 1 – E2
Flame 3 – DD
Keyboard – C8
Lotus Root – E3
Pick – C0
Piece – E1
Pump Drago – D9
Rope Ladder – DC
Sea Urchin – EF
Statue Head – E7
Three Amigos – DA
Tiny Forest – BA
Unworked Clay – E4

The Alkaline Man is VERY STRONG – use the New Year’s Eve Bomb OR sneak up on it!

Highway Mice Map.

Mole Cricket 1: The penultimate antagonist of the game. Use your most powerful attacks, and you might just pull through…!

Mr. Batty is bats about Batman, if you couldn’t tell by the music. Anyway, whack him for some cheap bread. (Nut Cookie, Nut Bread)

Yammonster: This bizarre potato hangs out in the forest and has an eye for Flint. Just hit it for some cheap EXP and Nut Breads. (Nut Bread)

Firefly: These heated hellions will breathe fire on you and smash into you, but use Flint’s “Brandish” technique and you can make short work of them. (Nut Bread)

Mighty Bitey Snake: There are tons of antidotes in the box in what’shisface’s house, so stock up and you’ll have no problem. (Antidote)

Flying Mouse: It’s strong when you first see it, and still strong later. Keep your HP in top condition and fight with all your might. (Peculiar Cheese)

Baked Yammonster: You shouldn’t play with your food, so combo it instead. When it’s defeated, you’ll get a baked yam for your troubles. (Baked Yam)

Mischievous Mole: At least it’s not on the side of your face. Just squash it and eat the bread. (Nut Bread)

Reconstructed Caribou: Duster’s wall staples will pin some sense into this bionic beast for a minute, so use that as an opportunity to attack. [boss]

Praying Mantis: The absolutely worst enemy in the game. If you have any trouble defeating it, you’re probably dead. (Nut)

Greedy Mouse: Behind that blank stare resides a heart of gold. Actually, just kill it or leave it alone, if you’re playing as Salsa. (Peculiar Cheese, Nut Bread)

Beanling: A rare enemy found before Lighter’s house, but it’s rare only because it’s so easy to kill.

Soot Dumpling: This rare monster hangs out where Lighter’s house was. Use combos on it or a banana. Otherwise, it’s invincible.

Spud Bug: Flint is not a potato, so it’s unknown why it’s attacking. Just smash it or use Brandish if it’s in a group. (Running Bomb)

Walking Bushie: This benevolent enemy will heal you and then run away. Don’t be a jerk and attack it or anything. (Antidote)

Agitated Boar: He’s a bit piggish about his territory, so just hit him a couple times and calm him down. (Beef Jerky)

Crag Lizard: Stoner lizards that hang out in the cliffs are not the type you want to hang out with. Use Flint’s powerful attack to break them in one hit, or just punch them. (Beef Jerky)

Titany: A weird scorpion monster from EARTHBOUND ZERO. It has a lot of defense, but Flint can just use his powerful attack or just punch it. (Running Bomb)

Balding Eagle: It’s endangered because it’s not very threatening and it makes a good snack. Kill some for some food. (Beef Jerky)

Tree: Territorial Oak and Woodoh rolled together created this enemy. Avoid it, as it gives you little EXP and bursts into flames after being defeated. (Nut Bread)

Mecha-Drago: Drago’s hide can only be pierced by his own fang. You should have it, so use it. Then use Flint’s super-powerful attack to deal an absolutely dinomite amount of damage. Raise your stats, too! [boss]

Zombie Man: He looks a lot like someone you know… try to combo to the beat of the music. (Rotten Eclair)

Zombie Lady: She looks kind of like someone you know… try to combo to the beat of the music. (Rotten Eclair)

Zombie Dog: It’s not poisonous this time. In fact, it looks kind of happy. Kick it to put it down. (Nut Bread)

Mobile Grave: You can combo it, but if it gets the chance to attack, you’re definitely dead meat, so it might not be worth fighting after all. (Running Bomb)

Detached Leech: You can step on one, but groups of three are dangerous. Make sure you have some bread or some other mode of recovery when fighting a swarm.. (Edible Mushroom)

Spineless Lobster: It isn’t found under a dock, but it is found to be quite strong otherwise. Flip it around or put it to sleep and smack it around. (Beef Jerky)

Stinky Ghost: Fortunately, it doesn’t have a trash can to hide in. Kick it or run away if it calls friends. (Rotten Eclair)

Arachnid!: Despite having prior experience as an enemy, this spider still poses no threat. Step on it. (Fresh Mint)

Big Bro: He’s a little guy, but he’s a bit too stupid. Just kick him. (Nut Cookie)

Barrel Man: There are no hammers in this game, so avoid it until you can kill it easily. (Nut Cookie)

Ghost Armor: These guys are really tough when you first see them, but they have a tendency to fall asleep. Well, if you try to put them to sleep. (Beef Jerky)

Artsy Ghost: This ghost critic’s attacks will hurt your publicity and a lot of your HP. Show him something that brings him to tears. (Duster’s crying bomb, for instance!) [Peculiar Cheese]

Violent Roach: Kick it to death or use Bug Spray if you have it and you’re not strong enough to beat it. (Nut Bread)

Strawberry Slime: Delicious, deadly. Make it cry and kick it. Your prize may or may not be a pitiful running bomb. [mini-boss] (Sprinting Bomb)

Carpet Monster: This monster will do nasty things to you under the sheets. Turn it around and kick its butt. (Beef Jerky)

Ghost Sword: Well-versed in the s-word, this ethereal blade poses no real threat unless you have low HP. Just beat it up. (Peculiar Cheese)

Ghost Shield: This metallic menace will… defend you. Just smack it and heal. (Rotten Milk)

Ghost Knight: The true power of the ghosts revealed! Turn him around or put him to sleep or something, and his Yogurt will be revealed. (Yogurt)

Rockin’ Ghost: He’ll rock your world. Get two in combat, and hope they kill each other. Otherwise, run like the dickens. (Beef Jerky)

Pseudoor: Hint: the real door is the one on the far right. Just hit it a lot and use a bomb to make it cry. (Fresh Mint)

Mr. Passion: A ghostly composer who loves music. You can reduce this guy to tears pretty easily, as he is all about passion. Get a lot of Beef Jerky, too. [boss]

Clayman: Despite being risen from lifeless clay, it acts quite lifelike; it can cry, sleep, and get its butt kicked. Do all of them. [mini-boss]

Pigmask: What’s under that mask? Kick him or turn him around and show him what the oink is all about. (Bag of Pork Chips)

Recon Mech: Surveys the area, and isn’t really meant for combat. That being said, kick it into the next chapter. (Pencil Rocket)

Lingering Spirit: All it really wants is to be put to rest, so encase it in a block of ice with PK Freeze and let it sleep for a couple years. (Magic Gelatin)

Osohe Cape: It’s a delicious stylish cape. Use fire or run or kick it. It’s not that tough. (Peculiar Cheese)

Oh-So-Snake: Use PK Thunder and Duster’s cry-inducing attack to destroy this giant water snake before he gets a chance to flush your party down the drain! [boss]

Dung Beetle: It has dung, but it won’t part with it so easily…! Actually, it will. Fassad will kill it instantly. (Dung)

Sand Lizard: It lives in the sand and eats dung beetles. Other than that, it’s not a very interesting enemy at all. (Nut Bread)

Sara-Sara-Sahara: It has a beard on top of its head and on the bottom of its head. It is very weak against Fassad-elemental attacks, and sometimes drops an old banana. (Ancient Banana)

Great Antlion 1: Watch out! Just defend and let Fassad beat the crap out of it. It’s just a bug, so bugspray kills it, too. [mini-boss] (Flea Charm)

Great Antlion 2: It may be the one of the strongest enemies in the desert, but Fassad will defeat it rather quickly. Not so big now, are you!? (Beef Jerky)

Cactus Wolf: This ferocious wolf is up for some monkey and guac. Does the cactus change what direction it walks in? Just defend and heal and let Fassad take care of it, or use Monkey Mimic to deal actual damage. [boss] (Beef Jerky)

HUGE Pillbug: This is like Arachnid! except pathetic. Run it over. If you really want to fight it, Salsa can kill it himself. (Nut Bread)

Gooey Goo: Despite what the sign on the wall says, this liquid lump has a serious aversion to running bombs. Use one and punch them. (Mosquito Charm)

Cheery Skeleton: It only wants you to be its friend, but you’d have to be dead for that. Just kick it. (Sprinting Bomb)

Li’l Big Bro: He’s a big guy, but he’s a little too stupid. Just kick him. (Or run away if you’re low on life!) [Beef Jerky]

Pork Tank: This piggy tank will give you a run for your money. Use Monkey Mimic and lightning until it breaks open, then smash him. [boss]

Ramblin’ Mushroom: This rabble-rousing red rival from EARTHBOUND is back again! The strategy is the same as EARTHBOUND’s: squish it. (Edible Mushroom)

Slitherhen: What the hey is this? Beat up individual ones, and run from groups of two or three until you get PK LOVE. (Fresh Egg)

Really Flying Mouse: It’s really flying, huh? It’s kind of tough the first time you see it, so you might want to run away. Otherwise, have a bash party. (Bread Roll)

Grated Yammonster: … you can play with your food, but finish the main course first. Watch out for this guy at low levels, as he’ll shred you in seconds with potent PK powers. (Magic Tart)

Black Beanling: This bizarre cousin of the beanling is worth a massive amount of EXP, so get out there and look for it.

Big Spud Bug: Who’s the meal here? Just smash it to bits. Big bits. Either that, or use PK LOVE. (Sprinting Bomb)

Squawking Stick: All this little birdie does is tell its friends what you’ve done. It has a small chance of dropping a metal pole, so get bird hunting. (Stick, Good Stick)

Muttshroom: Hippy’s best friend is a little hard the first time you see it. Just avoid it. If you wanna fight it, attack and heal. (Doggy Biscuit)

Reconstructed Mole: Another mechanical chimera that enjoys inflicting pain on people for no reason. Just avoid it until you learn PK LOVE, because it has a lot of friends. (Bread Roll)

Cattlesnake: Avoid it until Chapter 5, then come back and beat it up with PK Freeze and PK LOVE. (Fresh Milk)

Pigtunia: A rather deadly variety of flower which is pretty boaring to look at. Destroy it with PK LOVE. (Flea Powder)

Batangutan: Not a very difficult foe, so for the most part, you can just wing it. (Ancient Banana, Luxury Banana)

Dogfish: Chimerazation has turned this dog into man’s worst friend. All it does is freeze you and give little EXP, so there’s really no reason to fight it. (Doggy Biscuit, Doggy Jerky)

Top Dogfish: The absolute king of anything that has two fins and two floppy ears will always drop Meteotite, so yay for money. (Meteotite)

Ostrelephant: This Dumbo-wannabe can’t fly, and only cares about inflicting pain. Don’t fight it until you have a lot of party members, then use Fire. (Beef Jerky)

Slimy Slug: It’s sticky. This doesn’t matter anyway, so just kill it, I guess. (Sprinting Bomb)

Greedier Mouse: It’s just a mouse, right? Right. Kill it and take the delicious food it has hidden away. (Peculiar Cheese, Big City Burger, Bag of Big City Fries)

Arachnid!!!!: More exclamation points means more danger. This poisonous eight-legger might be worth avoiding, but is still weak to being squashed. (Antidote)

Elder Batty: This enhanced version of Mr. Batty hangs around in attics waiting to suck your blood. Just combo him, and you’ll have no problem.

Gently Weeping Guitar: It’s sad about having to play SMOKE ON THE WATER fifty million times. Watch out for its sonic attacks, and hit it. (Magic Gelatin)

Beaten Drum: It can change the battle music, but you and your dog are just better off beating the drum. (Sprinting Bomb)

Jealous Bass: This vehement violin will cause you a lot of treble. Come at him with full PP, and use PK Love to defeat his friends. [boss]

Parental Kangashark: Ice, ice, baby. Actually, just ice the baby. The older one will follow. (Beef Jerky)

Reconstructed Lion: This tentacled beast will try to do weird things to any teenage girl in your party, so just thunder it up and don’t catch on fire. (Sprinting Bomb)

Mecha-Turtle: Whatever you do, don’t turn them around, because that’ll let them cause shell on earth. Just use Freeze and hit them until they die. (Saltwater Gun)

Wound-Up Road Hog: Whoa, there! This road hog will run you down if you don’t smash it, so hit it and use PK Fire. (Secret Herb)

Fierce Pork Trooper 1: Using his enhanced animal senses, this powerful pig mask packs a punch. Use DCMC equipment to distract him for a couple turns, then use PK Fire. [boss] (Pickled Veggie Plate)

Scrapped Robot: Old Robot? What happened to you!? Lame. Just kick it up and use Thunder if you want to bother. (Anti-Paralysis)

Road Block: These obstinate fences stop even the most wary travelers who are stupid enough to walk into them. Just use PK Thunder and knock it around a bit. If it calls its friends, watch out. (Fresh Mint)

Bright Smile: This smilin’ sphere is a rare foe in the tunnels around the Electric Tower. She leaves quite a pile of wealth, but can make your whole party cry, cast PSI Shields, and attack with PK Fire B. Be careful!

Wobbly Robot: Scrapper is back, and better than ever! He’s a little wobbly, but he dishes out a lot of damage. Use PK Thunder to end the battle fast. (Secret Herb)

Atomic Power Robot: All it does is heal and use a laser. Not a very strong enemy, but it might explode when you beat it, so watch out. (Bomb)

Rhinocerocket: This ultra-powerful chimera has an extremely annoying ramming attack, so use PK Freeze to put out its fire. (Pencil Rocket)

Forlorn Junk Heap: While still just an assortment of clay and scrap metal, it seems to have one intention: kill all humans. Put up some shields and use fire to melt him. [boss]

Whatever: Who cares? All this hapless hamster enemy does is fawn over you and be confusing. Ignore it. (Magic Gelatin)

Minor Robot: No one cares about Minor Robot. Lightning will shorten the battle and short-out the robo. (Bomb)

Battery Man: It can destroy itself to heal another. Tell it to chill out. (Made-You-Look)

Fierce Pork Trooper 2: He’s back, this time in his battle suit! This time around, he’s a lot stronger, but he still has a soft spot for fire and DCMC goods. [boss] (Pickled Veggie Plate)

Screwloose: Despite the name, this enemy doesn’t have many attacks that can screw you over. Just smack it around with physical attacks, as it’s not very strong. (Fizzy Soda)

Surprise Box: Surprise! It’s your birthday! Hey, fire isn’t a very nice present. Use PK Freeze and blow out the candles on this party crasher.

Li’l Miss Marshmallow: This mindful monster is “maid” to order and ought to be called Electra, the way she’s set up. Use lightning and raise your stats. [boss]

Short Circuit Zap!: A short circuit has obviously crashed, creating some bizarre electrical demon. Hectic! Electric! Energetic! Whatever. Just freeze it. (Magic Tart)

Mr. Genetor: He’ll make you livid with lightning, so buy some rubber raincoats from the vending machine downstairs, then freeze him and use salt water guns. [boss]

Lord Passion: Souped up and directing a new repertoire, he’s now guarding an excellent item for Duster in Chapter 5. Prepare for music changes and get ready for the return from his intermission! He’s still vulnerable to fire and crying, though… [boss]

Cleocatra: Someone wanted to be buried with their cat, but it accidentally got out. Put it on fire like a cat with toilet paper on it. (Secret Herb)

Bro Team: The true power of the brothers is revealed! They have an epic battle attack sound and dish out a lot of damage. Just run away. (Nut Cookie, Beef Jerky)

Squawking Boomstick: It explodes when you kill it, and drops nothing noteworthy. Is it even worth fighting? (Bomb)

Horsantula: Imagine being kicked by a horse. Now imagine that seven more times. Use fire, ice, LOVE, or avoid it altogether. (Antidote)

Einswine: A pig’s take on the “cerebrum” enemy. It knows a variety of PK attacks, but if you turn it around, it’s just another dumb pig. (Magic Tart)

Almost Mecha-Lion: This lion’s bark is as bad as his bite, but still has part of his sensitive side. If you can get him to cry, you’ll have no problem. [boss]

Zombidillo: He’s not armored or in the army, but he is pretty weak. Thaw him out to turn him back to dead. (Rotten Milk)

Pigmask Captain: Use pencil rockets or bombs to inflict major damage. He may be stronger than your average Pig Mask, but he’s still not that tough. (Cup of Pork Noodles)

Nice Poser: All this tin terror does is confuse your party and make them cry. He’s invincible to all PK attacks, so just bash away at him and watch what you’re doing. (Secret Herb)

The Squeekz: He looks like Elvis, and his chances of winning are about the same as you ever meeting Elvis, too.

Mole Cricket 2: The second form of the final enemy. This time, it possesses infinite capacity for speed. Use a lot of shields, okay?

Ten-Yeti: This aerial sasquatch will stomp on your entire party, but you can just turn it around and make anyone wonder if it was real or not. (Luxury Banana)

Chilly Dog: It can nail stuff with its tail, but that’s really not interesting because it’ll be dead most of the time you see it. (Secret Herb)

Frosted Bun: This bizarre snowball will freeze you if it gets half a chance, so use PK Fire and it’ll have a snowball’s chance. (Magic Tart)

Steel Mechorilla: This is one of the biggest mechanical chimeras yet! Use a lot of stat boosters, and use PK Thunder if you need to deal some extra damage. [boss]

Security Robot: For a security robot, it’s really not very secure to be around. Just use PK Thunder and kick it around. (Pencil Rocket)

Naughty Mushroom: This evil fungus really struts its stuff! Use any attacks to get it out of your way so you can continue. (Bread Roll)

Filthy Attack Roach: This guy’s really annoying at low levels, so stick to PK LOVE. If you have PK Fire, he should be no problem anyway. (Paper Fan)

Frightbot: KIIIIIII!!! Sounds like nails on a chalkboard! Fortunately for you, all it can do is say dumb things. Punch it, lightning it, or ignore it.

Pigmask Major 1: It’s not easy being green. Especially when you have kids chucking bombs at you! Use pencil rockets or something and he dies. (Hot Dog Sushi)

Pigmask Major 2: This green goon is a huge fan of dying to pencil rockets. Except replace “fan” with “dead person.” (Hot Dog Sushi)

Sky Titany: A chimera from EARTHBOUND ZERO? Turn it around and bash it or use PK Freeze, whichever suits your style more. (Saltwater Gun)

Mrs. Lava: She has heat flashes often and takes out everything on you, so you might want to have some fire pendants handy. Freeze her to shut her up, jeez! (Meteotite)

Pyrefly: This firefly doesn’t get what the buzz is all about. Just swat it quickly, and it’ll stop bothering you. (Alarm Cicada)

Magman: He generates a lot of Blaze Bugs, so kill him quickly with PK Freeze and physical attacks. (Double Jerky)

Scamperin’ Mushroom: It may be fast, but it poses little threat to well-equipped party members. Just smash it or use any PK attack. (Hot Spring Egg)

New Fassad: After falling off the tower, he had to be put back together. Put up a bunch of stats and shields and spam lightning at him and hopefully you’ll hear him playing funeral music. [boss] (Luxury Banana)

Navy SQUEAL: The sea is no problem for these Pig Masks! Like all other aquatic enemies, PK Thunder works really well, but really, you can just hit them. (Pork Stew)

Carefree Jellyfish: This spineless loser can’t get a girlfriend, so it stings you instead. Shock it back with PK Thunder. (Anti-Paralysis)

Rooound Fish: That’s a lot of eyes! Fortunately, that makes it seven times as easy to hypnotize. Put it to sleep and shock it. (Magic Gelatin)

Rock Lobster: This radical badical lobster shows up when everyone has matching towels and has a lot of defense. Try using PK Thunder to teach him a lesson. (Giant Abalone Steak)

Fish Roe Man: This is one of the toughest fish roe enemies in the game. However, it has a surprising aversion to freezer burn, so ice it up.

Master Eddy: The master of spinning stuff around will attack you with the full force of Storm. Use lightning attacks, and put up power shields on everyone to protect against his wind attacks. [boss]

Zombieshroom: The first enemy you see on the island is also one of the strongest. Don’t fight it, because it’ll kill your weakened party with poison attacks. [boss]

Eerie Smile 1: What is it, a nightmare? No, it’s actually a orangutan. Watch out, it hurts when it hits you. (Luxury Banana, Mystical Gloves)

Eerie Smile 2: This hellish grin has a massive amount of defense. That’s because it’s actually a Titanian. Use PK LOVE and PK Freeze. (Secret Herb)

Eerie Smile 3: The first hallucination you see is actually a killer mushroom. It has a lot of life, but it doesn’t like fire or lightning. [boss]

Eerie Smile 4: A bizarre ghost of the past? No, it’s just a Dragon Fly. Swat this Squatter Demon wannabe back into reality.

Monkalrus: This souped-up simian has a lot of Offense. Set it on fire to stop it from monkeying around, and hope it drops an Illusion Glove. (Luxury Banana, Mystical Gloves)

Ancient Dragonfly: It’s a bug, so it doesn’t like ice. Try explaining that one, or better yet, just hit the bug. (Beef Jerky)

Titanian: A tougher variety of the Titany that has an extreme amount of defense. Use PK LOVE and ice moves to crack its hard shell. (Secret Herb)

Unwelcome Gust: Despite being wind, it’s vulnerable to PK Thunder. If you’re lucky, you can get a Magic Pudding from it. (Magic Pudding)

Barrier Trio: All they use is PK attacks, so use psycho-shields. If you see stars, wait it out just a little bit longer and they’ll be defeated. [boss]

Blue Balding Eagle: Twice as endangered, twice as ferocious, twice as tasty. (Double Jerky)

Tender Loving Tree: It’s just protecting its young, jerk. If you wanna set it on fire and kill the birds, go ahead, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the explosion it gives off when defeated. (Fresh Egg)

Mystery Metal Monkey: This familiar-looking enemy gives you a good experience for beating it (and sometimes your favorite food), so use PK LOVE or be prepared to have to do a lot of comboing!) [Made-You-Look]

Mecha-Mole!: The only somewhat-threatening enemy that ends with an exclamation point. Freeze them or run, as they’re annoying. (Bomb)

Cuddle Bomb: Despite being outgoing, this explosive enemy can never seem to stay in any relationships. It really needs to cool down with PK Freeze. (Super Bomb)

Negative Man: He’s so worthless! Seriously, he doesn’t have anything interesting about him. He’s really depressed. Wahhhhh. Life is so, lalala~ (Baked Yam, Meteotite)

Sticky Slug: They stick to ceilings sometimes, so watch your head or you’ll find yourself in a big battle with a colony of them! If things get rough, use PK Fire to dry up the mess. (Saltwater Gun)

Heftyhead: This wobbly spirit drops a legendary weapon that it’s way too big-headed to let go of. Turn it around and let him have it so he can let you have it. (Mystical Stick)

Pigmask Colonel: He has the most awesome cape! You can actually get it from him, too. Use a pencil rocket or two and he’s dead. (King Burger, Awesome Cloak)

Masked Man 1: Who? The commander of the pig army is extraordinarily strong. He’s strong against bombs and all PK attacks, least of all Thunder. Just raise your stats and fight the good fight. PK Ground, if you have it… [boss]

Metal Attack Roach: The ones in Mexico are way worse. Lightning is a potent weapon for use against these ones, however. (Secret Herb)

Putrid Moldyman: Straight out of EARTHBOUND, this crunchy connoisseur enjoys the finer points of rotten food and teenagers. Flame his posts. (Attack Attractor)

Miracle Fassad: He’s back! He’s hornier than ever, and wants to make beautiful music to your party. Use all of your might in the first part of the battle and use Psycho Shields in the second half. [boss]

King Statue: This giant-little-giant statue has an innocent mind, so you can scar him for life by flashing him. Alternately, use a New Year’s Bomb. [boss]

Hippo Launcher 1: An incredibly tough chimera that launches missiles at anyone that talks to it. Use thunder and turn him around as much as possible to stop him from attacking, and lay the smackdown. (Thud Charm)

Hippo Launcher 2: These huge chimeras might seem intimidating, so don’t talk to them if you don’t want to fight them. You can also put them to sleep to make the battle rest a little easier. (Thud Charm)

Men’s Room Sign: It can use PK Starstorm, but you can turn it around and beat the crap out of it before then. (Magic Pudding)

Boa Transistor: This robotic coiler just loves to screw with you. Use lightning or physical attacks.. (Saltwater Gun)

K9000: This crazy mutt will tank you like nobody’s business. Electrify its world. (New Year’s Eve Bomb)

Rhinocerocket Mark II: Rhinocerocket’s second form is about as tough as his previous incarnation, so go all out and use PK Freeze and other powerful attacks to dismantle this weapon of mass destruction. (Pencil Rocket)

Love Walker: Things might get a little hot if you spend too much time with this enemy, but fire seems to work anyhow. (Goddess Ribbon)

Mecha-Lion: … mechanical? Yep. Combo him or use Lightning, he’s not that hard. If he poisons you, you can just heal it after the battle. (Cup of Lifenoodles)

Return of Octobot: Our hero is back, and he’s better than ever! Employ the famous strategy of EB: smash it to bits or use PK Thunder. (Rich Parfait)

Upgraded Robot: The Old Robot from EARTHBOUND ZERO was fixed up and now it’s going to get over fifteen years of revenge. Use lightning and turn it around to stop it from destroying your party instantly. (Horus Bandana)

Nuclear Reactor Robot: It’s super-boosted since the last time you saw it! However, it’s still wimpy. Just smash it to bits, and watch out for that explosion! (Super Bomb)

N.K. Cyborg: This cyborg was created to be the ultimate Natural Killer. Lower his offense right away, raise all your stats, and put up a ton of shields. Only lightning deals a little damage. Otherwise, he’s invincible to everything. [boss]

PORKY 01: What is this!? It’ll hurt you. Use power shields and raise everyone’s attack. DON’T USE PK ATTACKS. Also it explodes, too. [boss]

PORKY 02: What!? Beat it up with physical attacks. Don’t use PK attacks. It still explodes. [boss]

PORKY 03: You’re in his way. You can hit it with Thunder, but PK Ground is rather useless. It deals about 60 damage to everyone when defeated. [boss]

PORKY 04: Suddenly, some guys rushed into the room! It was DCMC! They started fighting! [boss]

PORKY 05: Thanks to your friends pulling through, this robotic runt hasn’t even a chance to lay a blow on you. [boss]

PORKY 06: Now it displays how many friends it has. Kill Bow-Wow fish and anything else that might look like it could hurt you. [boss]

PORKY 07: Where did it make all these friends? Just smack it across the face and ignore the small fry. It only has 900 HP. [boss]

PORKY 08: There’s no way you can beat them by yourself… if only you had some help. [boss]

PORKY 09: Suddenly, some guys rushed into the room! It was the Runaway 5! There was a switch on the back of the robot! [boss]

PORKY 10: Thanks to your friends, this robotic runt won’t even have a chance to lay a blow on you. Just sit back and enjoy the show! [boss]

Minerali: These final enemy diamonds are the Italian take on the EARTHBOUND out-of-battle diamonds in battle. Use lightning on them, and watch out! (Cup of Lifenoodles)

Fenomeno: This Italian burst of energy is one of the last things you’ll meet. Give it some Italian ice, and it might give you some Magic pudding. (Magic Pudding)

Porky Old Man: Old, wrinkly, and with a machine full of gas, he returns once more to wreak havoc on the world. Buckle yourself down, this creep can put up a fight! Use lightning, ice, and watch out for his inexplicable attacks! [boss]

Porky Absolutely Safe Capsule: The ultimate safety capsule protects him from all attacks, so it’s pretty much a stalemate… or is it? [boss]

Masked Man 2: Him. The commander of the pig army’s ultimate power is unstoppable! Just play from your heart. (Hint: defending partially stops your HP from scrolling) [boss]

Masked Man 3: You know. The commander of the pig army’s fierce fighting has stopped, and his true form is revealed. What happens next? It’s up to you. [boss]

Unused enemy: Alkaline Man (can earn 1280 experience points, and drops a Made-You-Look, and is VERY STRONG… SNEAK UP ON IT or use the New Year’s Eve Bomb!) [Made-You-Look]

Back view: [Made-You-Look]

Unused enemy: Duster

Unused enemy: Firefly Swarm

Unused enemy: Flame 1

Unused enemy: Flame 3

Unused enemy: Keyboard

Unused enemy: Lotus Root

Unused enemy: Pick

Unused enemy: Piece

Unused enemy: Pump Drago (bursts into laughter for DAMAGE!)

Unused enemy: Rope Ladder

Unused enemy: Sea Urchin

Unused enemy: Statue Head

Unused enemy: Three Amigos (can actually earn 508 experience points from this fight, and can drop a Bag of Pork Chips) [Bag of Pork Chips]

Unused enemy: Tiny Forest (can earn 879 experience points)

Back view:

Unused enemy: Unworked Clay (can scream for damage to everyone / poisoning or numbing your party, can burst into laughter for DAMAGE, and can put your entire party to sleep)


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