Vines no longer frozen in time! / Useless limousine amenities

The Dark and Light Dragons in the Forest Sanctuary look like the Chinese yin-yang symbol:

Look! Time has sped up for the overgrown vines covering the Chupichupyoi Temple entrance once your party uses the Waters of Time on them, so they’re no longer frozen in time!

After that, the game says that there’s no need to turn back now, so you’re stuck if you haven’t done everything you want to do in Chapter 7!

A limousine shows up to forcibly take your party to New Pork City (“but thou must!”) after you pull Ionia’s Needle, and here’s the save frog and chauffeur.

Here’s a stage: it looks like you could sing a song from it, but you can’t even get on it.

Grownup drinks are lined up here.

A tabletop game: it looks like you can play it, but you can’t.

A nine-foot billiard table: the pockets have been designed to be quite large, but (again) you can’t play it.

A big, fluffy sofa. You CAN relax on it!

Once you relax on the big fluffy sofa, your characters will blush: “What’s this feeling?!”

A hot spring with a lion on top!

The grownup drinks are spicy, bitter, yucky poison! Kids can’t drink it… oh wait! Grownups can’t, either!

A blackjack table: it’s not a playable blackjack table, though.

This is one of those famous champagne towers. Actually, upon closer inspection, it’s only a painting.


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