Vanessa, Chinese Eric, sadness, ranting to gentleness, cookies

Talked to Vanessa briefly on MSN last night about life, death, car accidents, health, and other stuff. Later, Chinese Eric called… he has a lot on his mind, so I wasn’t boring him with whatever I talked about. It’s not that I’d think that way normally, but (as I told him) I sometimes get like that. I can imagine all too well what he’s going through with worry about his grandma / falling / the hospital / appetite. Of course he has no time for grocery shopping (I barely did in October), and has been to the hospital a lot – I know what that’s like! He had to ask what I meant by “how are you doing?” Silly… for once, I wasn’t talking about HIS health condition!

We talked about the “apocalypse,” sadness, Y2K / last year’s “rapture,” it being a new year soon, another “sports hangout” idea which sounds good, that incest Reddit thread, eggnog ice cream, the inconvenient snow, the busy dinner, chips and bags, his phone sometimes going dead (“am I talking to myself?”), language barriers, holiday shopping, recent events with Tammy (and why she could have a problem), WTF American sex laws, reading stuff on the Internet / MSN.com / believing things, car accidents and family friends, Monday’s dinner, his possibly being here tomorrow for the Washington Redskins hat (it’s definitely safe here!), the raspberry cheesecake Subway cookie, needing to unwind after going out, and more. After kinda ranting for a bit about Tammy and her issues, I immediately turned gentle when he said stuff about his grandma / the football hangout. I hope he picked up on that, haha. Certainly, I know how he could be feeling! I was sad after that call, but it’s to be expected with reminders and such about a couple months ago. I just hope I proved to be enough of a distraction or a good friend! He said that talking for an hour or so was pretty good – to which I agreed – and of course we wished each other a good night.


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