Pictures of Grandma

Here are a bunch of Grandma pictures; Rob S. deserves credit for rotating the December 2011 photo of her in the jacket which I have now. 😀

A youthful Grandma, whom Cousin Yvonne REALLY resembles!

Grandma and me, in January 2004… when she saw this on my parents’ computer, she wondered how she got in there, hahaha!

Grandma at church for Jon and Harmony’s wedding in June 2009:

Grandma and Auntie Paula before the wedding banquet:

Grandma and Auntie Amy at the wedding banquet:

Grandma having Timothy’s frozen yogurt in Steveston shortly after the wedding:

Grandma looking dubiously at me for some reason at Gingeri:

We went to Gingeri in Lansdowne Mall for Grandma’s 90th birthday:

Harmony really wants to have Grandma’s 90th birthday cake!

Grandma in July 2010:

Grandma at my Pho birthday dinner in September 2010:

Grandma at Chinese New Year 2011:

Grandma was 91, and we all went to Neptune!

Polly, Alan, and Grandma:

Polly caught mid-bite:

Pink sprinkles on the food at Neptune:

Alan, Polly, and Grandma at Neptune:

Uncle Reuben, Auntie Christine, and Grandma at Neptune:

Steph’s giving me a “sneaky” facial in this picture!

Let’s be cool around Grandma!

91-year-old Grandma with her Canadian grandchildren:

Typical NG sibling family affection at Neptune:

Grandma in June 2011:

Mom, Alan, Polly, and Grandma in June 2011:

Steph being crazy around Grandma in December 2011:

Grandma in December 2011:

Our Boxing Day Xmas dinner in 2011:

Auntie Betty and Grandma at Dawn and Eni’s wedding [with Jon in the background] in March 2012:

Grandma being HORRIFIED that we would take her picture at Campagnolo during an amused Harmony’s 2012 birthday dinner!

Grandma with the parents, Uncle Percy, and Auntie Eva:

Grandma at Dogwood:

Lillian and me at White Spot:

Family at White Spot #1:

Family at White Spot #2:

Family at White Spot #3:

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