Shaking as EXTREME reaction! / EARTHBOUND Memegen

Vented to Mandy about HORMONES / being pushed too far / “possessiveness” (Steven) in emails, and she replied back with supportive words. I’m NORMAL; I don’t do any crazy things in these situations, and respect things for the most part! Seriously, the guy is going to find himself in bad trouble! Decided to do laundry, too. SOMEONE then decided to say hi on YM, but I was SHAKING and couldn’t deal with it. Told Christine about it – she thought I meant David S. (“the crazy one”), but I blocked HIM a long time ago!

I actually found an EARTHBOUND Memegen! o_O [courtesy of _earthbound_]

What type of Starman are you? by starman_ghost
Your Full name
Your age
Your favourite thing
your favourite food
You are a… StarMan Super

Starman Super!


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