Price-gouging, turd quintuplets, Jesse, Engrish

Talked to Chinese Eric on the phone last night about football, the Grey Cup, Youtube’s newest layout, weird excuses for skipping work, the TURD QUINTUPLETS sign, price-gouging after Hurricane Sandy (he was trying to find a word for “gouging,” poor guy!), earthquakes (he went through some small ones dating back to high school), his busy weekend, his checking out the Dining Terrace with escalators at Richmond Centre a couple weeks ago (we agree it’s BUSY / MODERN), whether I might need a ride to Jon’s dinner, Engrish, my life updates, the weekend’s events, and tons more topics. Totally awesome, unlike yesterday where I perhaps should have said I couldn’t talk to someone anymore! Should have left him wondering, since it would have been for the better. Eric said that his mom needed to call someone (at 11:20 PM?!), but I left it alone – maybe it WAS Hong Kong, haha.

Why is it totally dark out at 4:15? DO NOT LIKE. Jesse invited me to his Housewarming party, heh. This weekend is already kinda busy for me, but I’ll see if I can make it out! Doubtful, but you never know! Now I’ve spent the past five hours reading DEAR PRUDENCE advice columns on Slate – yikes, man! Not good for my other projects.


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