Dining Terrace, ANGRY BIRDS candy, HARMONY chocolate, and Grand Marnier

Replied to Mandy’s emails and Erin’s FB messages in a NON-RUSHED FASHION this morning; SO GOOD! Decided I was tired of Niagara Falls, so made an appointment with Dr. Ruby (before showering) for sooner than I expected… 2:40 instead of an hour or two later? SWEET! Got a new on-sale bra without underwire at Sears, on-sale ANGRY BIRDS candy at Shoppers (for Ranen and the other kids), and six Advent calendars (me, Chinese Eric, Jon, Steph, Lisa, Harmony) / HARMONY chocolate (Jon and Harmony) / Grand Marnier chocolate (Jon) / Botticelli chocolate (the Morrills) / Irish cream chocolate (me) at London Drugs.

Checked out the BUSY BRAND-NEW Dining Terrace at Richmond Centre, which opened yesterday – thank GOODNESS there’s an elevator to go with the demon escalators! Spent almost all my cash, but that’s okay – at least it was now and not later! Bumped into Cousins Aaron and Lillian at London Drugs, who were browsing before dinner – they say the White Spot reservations tomorrow are under “L. Chow,” so that’s good. Apparently, my new medicine will be ordered tomorrow – NO CHARGE! I saw a girl wearing a blue buttoned fall coat, jean short shorts, and tights on the bus today. What the heck?! Went home to do some needed laundry, as well. Solved the annual “bottled water and chocolate for nine people” fridge Tetris puzzle! 😀


strawberry @ Big Orange (Saturday, Oct. 20)


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