Church, new babies Alexis and Charis, plus support

Kevin sent me an email yesterday thanking me for the email thread on Big G’s condition lately, and saying that she was blessed to have the family’s presence. His thoughts and prayers are with us, he added. (I saw Scott say the same thing on Jon’s page) Harmony forwarded me and Steph some sympathy wishes from her mom, too. Later on, Eric got on MSN (as I expected) to see whether I’d be going to church; he was fine either way, but he would have to be there early. I wasn’t sure I’d be in the mood, but I’ll see – the support and such will be nice and needed. Also replied to Mandy’s email this morning before leaving, actually. Eric said he’d told Jon about light bulbs, and said that he’d tried to tell ME about this afternoon’s light bulb duty after we’d said goodnight, but I didn’t get the message. Oh well, I was in the car already… at least the weather was sunny and not rainy. Hopefully, the weather gods will smile upon us this Thursday, and make this stick! While walking across the street, I saw Auntie Esther, who wondered how things were – meh, okay.

Saw Alysia and Edmond’s new baby Charis, who didn’t look impressed with the crowd of people around her stroller. Chris Lam said hi, so I told him what had happened. Since Calla wanted to know why I was “meh,” I also updated her. Also said hi to little Arthur and Eric, plus their mom Tammy. Pastor Dan said sorry for my loss, and wanted me to check an insert with funeral details – it looked right to me. Stanford also wanted me to check the same thing a little later when I sat by Christon and Jeremy, haha. It was okay emotionally, but (as Harmony said after service) I out still expected to see Big G somewhere downstairs! (on the bench, by the stairs…) Dylan had a brainfart on the word “ushers,” and Stanley thought they should have Post-It notes by the piano, haha. He also hit the wrong key while playing the Doxology, whoops. Jeremy came up with an idea: transmit the service via cellphone! Hahaha!

After service, Frances came up to me and gave me condolences after Sharon hugged me. I talked to her sons Micah and Isaac about food, haha. Andrew said sorry, then we talked about his being “overweight” and having to study. While I was talking to Jon and Harmony (with Stanley looking at a sleeping Ayler), Julie S. came up and gave us all a hug. People did understand why I was sad, for sure. Ayler decided to wake up, so Jon tried getting him to laugh – no go, but he did smile a lot and grab my finger! HAPPY BABY! *grin* I also talked to Karen and Lincoln about things, which helped too. Eric said that I should ask Deb and Dylan for a ride home; they could do it even if they had to leave the meeting early with baby Declan. That was just fine by me! Jon wondered if Dad was there – I looked, but couldn’t see him. Vania said she “found herself” in nature; others do that in Europe and India, or while taking various drugs like LSD! I told Harmony to thank her mom for the email, too… she and Jon had read my edited eulogy, and she’d learned a lot about the Big! Auntie Paula and Mrs. Tang were there – Auntie Paula wondered whether I missed Grandma (of course), and was a little mixed-up as to the time / date for the funeral. Updated Helen C. on things, too. Went upstairs to meet baby Alexis; Auntie Lillian said that she was Ayler’s future girlfriend! Oh dear…

Toddler Sunday School was lo-fi, since Marcus wanted to be with Karen (“we’ll miss your grandmother”) – that left Shira, Mattias, and Natalie playing with toy food. Rachel’s grandma said she hadn’t seen me in a while, so I updated her in my mediocre Chinese about recent events. She understood, haha! Afterwards, I went downstairs and tried to get a ticket for the luncheon; Brian luckily had one, for which I paid him the $5. Ham, turkey, broccoli, rice, and mashed potatoes were pretty good! Asked Auntie Ruby about my current dilemma; stopping things sounds excellent! Auntie Tonia and Julie C. hugged me and gave me a sympathy card for my parents… I gave that to Dad when I did see him. Apparently, Mom was busy scanning pictures with Steph for the slideshow, heh. Said hi to Joshua and Keenan when their mom Maxine hugged me and gave me condolences. They liked their Pokemon cards, apparently!

When Dylan drove me home, I updated him on things. He didn’t want to go to Surrey, but had to. (Declan’s birthday is November 1) Same with me on Thursday, but it’ll provide some closure. It’ll be even better if the weather is like this! We discussed that 7.7 earthquake – I heard via FB, while he heard via Twitter. I got home at 3:35, and noticed that Chinese Eric had called me at 11:30; SURPRISE SURPRISE, I was actually at church! He called again at 4:45, and we had a cool talk about hindsight, Erica’s birthday being around Valentine’s Day, how things were, stages of life, family, Nathan, maple syrup-flavored yogurt, Hong Kong weather, his health, how tofu pudding and yogurt would be a sweet combination for bubble tea, ice cream in bubble tea, doctor’s appointments and conflicts, fruity flavors, the funeral details, birthdays at odd times like Valentine’s Day, Jon’s Nov. 18 birthday dinner, friends having babies, and more. That was pretty awesome as usual – maybe I’ll take a nap now?

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