New Zealand mussels, smoothies in juice, oolong tea, flamenco!

Last night, Jon emailed me / Sam / Harmony / Pastor Bob / Jeremy about Friday plans (tomorrow already?!) and the art auction show… 5:30 at Waterfront Station sounds okay; I’ll leave at 5:05 if going from the hospital, or at 4:45 if leaving from home. At least I don’t have to worry about eating since SERVANTS will make a bunch of appetizer food – maybe I should invite Chinese Eric for the flamenco festivities or whatever! I did, and he said he’d have to see because of appointments and such. Later, the ugfart said stuff about Steamworks and pints of beer – NICE! This morning, I replied to Mandy’s email – then Chinese Eric called to say that he had that appointment and then needed to drive his mom around to various places. Ah yes… he hadn’t wanted to call me back at 1 AM, which is more consideration than SOME people! Of course we can hang out later; he knows me: I’ll ALWAYS tell him about these things! (and others, hahaha)

Barry picked me up, and we were off to Save-On. I got on-sale Thai Chicken and Shrimp / Shanghai Ginger Beef / Kung Pao Chicken / Mango Chicken / Green Curry Chicken VH Steamers (with coupon), on-sale Tropical Mango Oasis Smoothie juice, on-sale Strawberry-Banana Oasis smoothie juice, on-sale Black Cherry-Blackberry Oasis juice (which tastes like yogurt!), hot and sour soup, Balkan yogurt, and maple syrup Greek yogurt. Also decided to get on-sale sausage singles (they can be microwaved!), spicy pig ears, sponges x4, bananas, organic flaxseed bread, oolong tea, Vegi Mix soup, on-sale New Zealand mussels x2, pink Excel gum, and on-sale regular Asian soy milk x3.

Olympic Krema maple syrup-flavored yogurt!


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