Canucks hat, rawhide treats, and stroller rain covers

Before I went to briefly visit Grandma at the hospital (I seriously stayed for five minutes), I went to Richmond Centre. I decided to buy a $19.99 Canucks hat at Atmosphere / Coast Mountain Sports, and found out that Shoppers Drug Mart / Chapters did NOT sell postcards. Thank goodness that I thought of the dollar store! Bought a couple of postcards, a stroller rain cover in case Jon and Harmony haven’t thought of it yet, and some rawhide treats / a dog toy for Havarti at Xmas. I wasn’t sure if I was going to even go to the hospital, but figured that I was out anyway and wouldn’t need to stay TOO long. She had a LOT of fluid, and I took advantage of facial time, haha. If there’s still no change, I could take Saturday as a SOLID DOWNTIME DAY because I haven’t had one since last week! Got home at about 7:05, which was fine.

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