Big circles with right hand… what does that mean?!

I figured that I slept for nineteen hours on Sunday and Monday – go, sleep deprivation! Andrew said I didn’t have to proofread a summary (“you need time to recuperate – and will be in my prayers! Love!”), and Mike F. FINALLY added me to Facebook. Then Mom said that Grandma wasn’t doing well at about 1 PM… guess I had to eat lunch and leave for the hospital again. Actually, I decided to “save time” (if not cash money) and have Pho at the new EXTREME 24-hour Cambodian / Vietnamese place before going into the hospital. Said hi to Uncle Michael (whose plane was delayed two hours in Hong Kong), then let Grandma know I was there. Apparently, she made a big circle with her right hand (which had previously been in a claw for the past three weeks) when she saw Uncle Michael, and then made other smaller ones when Auntie Leslie and Lillian talked to her on the phone from Hong Kong later. Wai-Mui had come by within fifteen or twenty minutes of Mom calling her (Mom wasn’t impressed with Pastor Edward having a day off today), then Auntie Grace came by with flowers and a card from her and Uncle George.

At one point, Grandma had unfocused vision, but of course could still hear. Pastor Dan came by at 4 and stayed for about fifteen minutes. Mom was surprised to see him, but updated him on some stuff. Yes, Grandma understands some English, but she couldn’t have understood what he was talking about! Now, maybe that’s down to “yes / no / thank you / Jesus / God.” He prayed for her in English, and I said that I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to tomorrow’s meeting – we’ll see. Jon and Steph came by later, and the three of us stayed till at least 8:30 or 9 after Mom and Uncle Michael left at 6:30. We talked about Grandma crying, Ayler, Lisa, Ben & Jerry’s, chocolate, how Mom might take it later on, Mom’s “maybe the big circle means she wants to be buried with the jade bracelet her mother gave her – or she wants her jewelry to be divided among you guys!” lines from a phone call later, Mom giving us money for coming by (?!), days off, smells, Portland, funeral stuff like music / eulogies, milk and juice from the kitchen to keep us hydrated, and more.

Of course, we all told Grandma that we loved her / we were there. We also told her to rest because she hadn’t closed her eyes since at least this morning. She wouldn’t do that till about 8:15 or so, and even then it was for two seconds or so. Her legs look so small now, except for the right side because of the steroids and such. We kept wondering what the circle meant as she kept doing this into the evening; my sister narrowed it down to “people,” but specific names weren’t helping. She couldn’t write anything down, either. When I left at 9, I had to wait for the 9 Boundary bus, but was in Richmond at 9:40 with half an hour to kill before the 407 came. Went to Shoppers Drug Mart: there were no postcards, and the toothpaste wasn’t to my liking, haha. Got a lobster instant noodles, an on-sale blueberry juice, and an on-sale 1.5L bottle of water for only 99 cents! (every time I go out, I spend money… this is NOT GOOD!)


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