Silent overnight duty = virtual all-nighters!

Mom called me to see if I could do silent overnight duty; since I don’t trust anyone to do my laundry, I elected to hold her off until that shit was actually DRIED. (she wanted me not to dry it, but to have her do it) I wanted to call Chinese Eric, too! Ugh! Maybe TONIGHT if people will actually LEAVE ME ALONE! I did manage to call white Eric (while making a quick dinner of dumplings) – turns out he FORGOT or something. Oh well… I did get no sleep, and I’m getting too old for that EVERY OTHER DAY. Still, it is Big G – at least she had her Chinese TV on for some noise! Chinese people are WEIRD, man… there was a bubble tea-drinking contest (where everyone was dressed in outlandish outfits), and they each put some bubble tea into their mouths, then tried to spit out JUST THE PEARLS into a bowl. This morning’s Fairchild news broadcast featured a whole bunch of Chinese boys in their swim trunks taking over an entire roadway before going to a dragon boat thing. I let Big G have moistened lips, anyway – she needs water in some form! Got home to answer Cindy’s email, and probably snap at someone over IM or Facebook. No sleep is hard, though – hopefully, I’ll have some since I ensured peace and quiet! Then I can call Chinese Eric, FINALLY!


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