Dream: Moving to Oakridge requires the airport now?!

I went back to sleep with the help of melatonin, and had a dream where Julie S. and John S. were helping me move into the Oakridge area. We needed proof of my being allowed to move, but the papers were in the middle of a luggage piece. In the middle of the airport (which wouldn’t be necessary in real life – Oakridge is across a bridge and up some ways by CAR), we searched for everything. I was embarrassed when John came across my bras and such things, but he shrugged it off like it was no big deal. Then Julie said that it didn’t matter about my program restrictions if we couldn’t find the papers in time for the flight – I could definitely move in with her instead! A bunch of kids were drawn to us, and wanted us to color bright things on their papers to pass the time, too. WEIRD!

At least Jamie W. (jaebird) / Josh A. / Travis N. / Cecilia M. / Helen S. / Tammy M. seem to have been amused by my somewhat less-than-sober Facebook postings of “SOMEONE PLEASE HAVE MY BABIES” and “FINE THEN, DON’T TALK TO ME” overnight! Haha!


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