Aberdeen, giggle attacks, new small groups (RELIGION?!), dead motherboard

Eric called to see whether I was going to Fellowship; I said that I hadn’t received his original call four minutes prior because Ontario had called me, and I was in “phone-avoidant” mode. I also said that I would come – despite our doing similar stuff last week – because I needed to vent about something. Poor Eric, haha. When I finally found him in the parking lot, I updated him on my week in my usual fashion on the way to church. He thought that I was being crazy or “drunk,” but I told him: EVERYTHING IS TRUE! He moaned about the traffic, and there did seem to be a lot of cars impeding our progress. (I also ranted about that Native guy Godwin – who apparently showed up tonight – I’m projecting because of Mr. Creep!) When we got to the second floor, Christon called Eric to see where he was, but Eric ignored it since we’d see everyone in ten seconds anyway. Yes, we laughed when we entered the room! Then there was Sam trying to enter the locked room a while later, haha!

Turns out I was in a small group with Sam, Emily, Jeremy, Jon, and Harmony – Eric thought that his group was a bit big. Raymond was also there, which is really not a good thing. We discussed whether baby Ayler could be a worship leader with his crying, Jon and Harmony wanting to host, my possibly doing Member Care (Jeremy says he could see me doing that), accountability, Emily’s China missions trip, Evite somehow not working well when Sam tried to RSVP, Sam’s family moving to Burnaby soon (I joked that his mom needed an extra fridge for all the food his brother ate), confidentiality, the “moderate” attendance commitment (phew!), Sam’s working near Aberdeen at a law firm, my concerns about busing especially if we started at 8, and more. I had to cut my hair just a little bit in front of them, since the ends were really bugging me! Thank goodness for scissors!

Had to wait around while Eric discussed stuff with Jeremy, Christon, and Kevin… but did get to say hi to Amy, and talk to Gino about Member Care responsibilities, games, and some online RPG about THE MOON. He’ll be coming tomorrow, so that’s a good thing. Gave birthday cards to Christon and Jeremy, of course. On the way home, I asked Eric if he could stop by my place briefly to figure out the “check signal cable” thing with my desktop computer. I had emailed him, but he doesn’t remember. Oh well. He said he could do that, so YAY! Then he wondered if I were going to the Richmond small group potluck at Deb and Dylan’s, which Pastor Dan had said something about… MORE RELIGION?! If I’m going to cut down my attendance, this isn’t gonna help! 😛

We discussed the dumb fuck possibly going to a different church (good!), Sunday’s volunteer appreciation dinner, Thanksgiving, Sarah C., my hand sanitizer NOT being moisturizer, compressed air, dusty fans, cough drops, his dietary restrictions as far as dessert went, my strawberry cheesecake, pie, sugar-free stuff, the Spanish rice dilemma tomorrow, sending messages, double monitor surprise, and more. I told him that body lotion was great after I washed my hands because of dry skin, but he gave me a dubious look. When I looked up “computer fan not spinning,” he got DaniWeb: A dead PC, green mobo light on, VGA fan spinning, no processor fan by the time I got back from doing stuff. (I offered him yogurt, but he declined) He figured the computer was dead (things weren’t connecting), and said he could give me his old one, since the laptop was also experiencing problems: I know that, too. Also, I had an attack of the giggles while I was in the kitchen: totally unrelated to the Sheepdogs, 99.3 the Fox, him, or anything else! Of course, he asked whether I was okay! Told him to call me tomorrow before he left; he said that would do, after he played video games. NICE! Organized lip balm and other things into Ziploc bags, too.

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