NED KELLY, baby Declan grabbing my hat, and distractions!

I had to wait a while for the 407, but it took me to Deb and Dylan’s with no problem at all. Got there and instantly started playing with baby Declan (who’s 18 pounds – Ayler is fifteen pounds at three months!), while half-watching BEING ERICA. At nine months old, he tried stealing my hat multiple times – I didn’t let him touch it too much, haha! He made a lot of spluttering noises, and tried to talk to us; cute! We talked about our days, whether it was hard work being a baby (“they don’t share their food, and tell me when to sleep!”), reading baby books, baby Ayler, Steph, Lisa, Vegas (Dylan knows they got married from FB), work venting, toys, steak / salad / cheesecake / ice cream / veggies / kimchi, Grandma, exercise, life insurance, and more. Also watched NED KELLY and some of CENTER STAGE on Netflix… I think I needed the gunfire and violence to take my mind off certain personal things!

Interesting stories – haven’t watched a dance movie in more than four years! Got home to find that my parents had called me about tomorrow – I guess 4:30 should be fine if they want to see Big G! We’ve told her that Uncle Michael is coming, but she doesn’t seem enthusiastic about it; we do know she’s tired a lot, though. I bet Mom doesn’t want to bump into Uncle Michael, haha. Personally, I don’t mind if I do! On another note, it’s a good thing that Chinese Eric didn’t call me; I got home at 10:15, which might be late. Won’t be able to call him till maybe Friday, but if people are still in town, I might have to wait till Tuesday. Can I do that?! YIKES! I love him (not in that way!), and this is really bad. At least I know HE isn’t like certain other people I could name! Jon also emailed us (me / Harmony / Steph / Nate) about some restaurant in the Downtown Eastside called FAT DRAGON which apparently is a Chinese BBQ / Southern BBQ fusion, and he thinks he’s willing to make this an early birthday dinner for me. Hahaha, we’ll see about that!

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