Phil, Grace, and Micah will be missed…

When Eric picked me up this morning, he wondered if I’d spent time with Chinese Eric and Nathan yesterday. NO! IT WAS A FAMILY LUNCH! He complained about traffic while I found my lunch ticket, then he said that he should be at church by 9. That was currently not possible, as it was 8:55! I just hoped that Stanford isn’t the type to yell at his minions, although I’m sure he can be quite intense at the restaurant! It was mainly a quiet ride over, but he did observe that I seemed to be in full DRAGON WARRIOR mode on Friday evening when he’d called – oh yes, and DRAGON QUEST V is next, which he’s never played! He also wondered whether Steph and Lisa’s wedding gift of pottery was all right, since my dad hadn’t been driving too smoothly the night of the baby banquet. I guess I’ll have to remember to ask them about it on Thursday!

Got to church, where I unloaded my extra Z-Grip pens on Priscilla and Joanna while waving to a VERY pregnant Alysia. I saw Jon, who said that Harmony and Ayler would come later… he was there to lead worship! Was going to sit in my usual spot, but I saw Darren C. and Jason – since I never see Jason more than once a year, I moved. He showed me lots of Calgary and Edmonton pictures on his phone, while asking me about Taiwan / my church / small groups and things like that. No, I don’t have a phone – otherwise, I could keep in touch with him that way since he doesn’t really use Facebook anymore! It’s always good seeing him, though! (he said “God Bless” – that’s totally fine!) Julie and Jeremy did indeed get baptized, so I gave them their cards later, for which they thanked me. Talked to Auntie Catherine, Sophia (her daughter Olivia is almost SEVEN already, and her mom told her about Grandma), Andrew L. (who’s always tired – NOT NEWS!), and others before going upstairs.

At Toddler Sunday School, only David / Evelyn / Ashley / Anastasia were there! Lanie, Danny, and I had an easier time; James was clingy and crying too much, so he went with his mom. Priceless doctor advice from little Evelyn: “I’m going to check your head…. yes, there’s something wrong. Your brain is playing tennis right now!” Talked about Lego, the panda and other animals on my BORN TO BE WILD shirt, elephants, fire engines, building a fort, climbing the door, cleaning up, and more. Went downstairs for lunch, where I was able to grab a seat in the crowded room. Stanford went all-out for the ten courses, and poor Christon was continually checking on things! The videos were good, but startled baby Ayler! Discussed Victoria, weddings, chow mein, drunken chicken, leftovers, curry noodles, tea, lemonade, sweet and sour pork, and much more with Alan / Tracy / Jon / Harmony / Edwin / Jane. When everything ended, I said hi to David M. while playing with Micah for about an hour. He’s smart, and knows Jon Chan plays drums and Margaret plays guitar. I’m sure he liked his Uncle Angus scooping him up and playing with him!

Gave Grace a card and some stickers for Micah; it was just a little thing, but she thanked me anyway. I told Margaret that I was having issues with being a GOO-MAH and not a GOO-JEH, hahaha. Made plans with Deb and Dylan to go over on Wednesday to play with Declan, heh. Yes, he wanted my hat and glasses, but THAT WASN’T HAPPENING! I talked to Randal for a bit – YES, I WAS AT SERVICE TODAY! He says he believes me even if I wasn’t in my usual spot, hahaha. When Eric finally got going, we said goodbye / see you soon to everyone, and got plenty of leftovers. He thought I was drunk, but that wasn’t true at all. Then he wanted to drop me off at #4 / Alderbridge, but I didn’t think that was a good idea. We discussed fight music, his latest FB display picture (not a WOW character, but himself with a shirt featuring Jon’s head multiple times!), town music, how I should change mine since it’s three months old (BOOTY LOGO!), and more. I’m sure he’ll bug me on Friday!

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