BROOKSIDE chocolate, $100 USD, and fashion

Right before I had to go to the doctor’s appointment with Auntie Ruby, I discovered that I had to do a load of emergency laundry when I had no time… NOT IMPRESSED! Of course, I put clothes in the washing machine first before leaving, and THEN discovered I’d forgotten my bus pass not too far from the building. Went back to grab it, then was early for my appointment. Jenny’s working there part-time, so it was nice to see her. Flipped through a fashion magazine while I was waiting, and found out that some people eat a lot while they sleep! Sleep disorders are CRAZY! Got a prescription for the drugs I had last time, but they weren’t free today – oh well.

While I was at Shoppers Drug Mart after a pudding bubble tea from Big Orange (it was WARM out!), I got on-sale pads which I really DID need. Went to the bank, got $100 USD for Vegas (I didn’t care if the exchange rate was $105 compared to $102 or $103), saw Ramynder Greyval at the bus stop, did some more banking, and went to London Drugs. Noticed the Brookside chocolates were on sale, so after selecting an on-sale Captiva Dark Chocolate Brownie from Pepperidge Farms, I got Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberry / Dark Chocolate Goji Raspberry / Dark Chocolate Cranberries / Dark Chocolate Mango Mangosteen. Finally went home after picking up the medicine (saw Roberta Rosner at that bus stop), and now I can relax after eating and putting the new purchases into Ziploc bags in the fridge!


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