"JOY COOKIES!" / Meta DRAGON WARRIOR (game and enemy)

While I was buying and selling items in my game (am up to Faerie Village!), I talked to James about MORROWIND / SKYRIM / Youtube videos / Pokemon / VECTORMAN (a game from his childhood) / HIS “Dallas the person” (even though the ugfart and I never see or hear from Dallas Wu anymore) / FINAL FANTASY VI / dreams / more personal stuff. Always good talking to him! For some reason, Chantelle unfriended me on FB – okay, then. I hope that’s not related to my wishing her a happy birthday a couple days ago! Also, I set some Turkey Bacon Club Crustinis to microwave for 3:30 AT 3:30. Love these quirky coincidences / synchronicity! 😀

A walkthrough which is actually HELPFUL when it comes to the DRAGON QUEST V “mine cart” puzzle in the Cave to Zenithia Castle. I’d been about to ragequit the game!

Master Ludman of Salabona says “Joy cookies!” after the DRAGON QUEST V hero and his twin children defeat the demon Buorn in a jar:

Hey, there’s an enemy called the DRAGON WARRIOR in DRAGON QUEST V! Yes, I know that’s probably where the North American release of DRAGON QUEST 1 through 4 got their name, but I still find this “meta enemy” funny. 😀

In Granvania Castle after you revive from being a statue for eight years, you can add humans to your party. Ruida (the Bunny Girl) has her own tavern, which is possibly a reference to Luisa’s Eatery in Aliahan in DRAGON WARRIOR III. She has this to say when you’re the only person in your party: “You’re saying goodbye to… whom? You’re sorta on your own right now…”

This is what Ruida says when you try leaving a monster companion with her: “Hmm, but I don’t have any ale that monsters like… But I’m sure there was some place especially set up to take care of monsters. Hint hint..”

At the same time, Monster Gramps (along with the Depository) is in the same area, allowing you to pick up / drop off any recruited monster companions you wish. This is what HE has to say when you’re the only person in your party: “Right, so you want me to take care of you too? That’s cute, but it’s wrong!”

This is what happens when you try leaving a human companion with him: “If Pippin knew what you just asked, you’d better start watching yer back. The only things I take care of are monsters, not humans!”


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