First-round Game 5 elimination?!

Chinese Eric got here shortly after 5, and we discussed Henrik Sedin (1-0!) / Jon / Nathan / Facebook / Philadelphia Flyers / the eliminated Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings / white Eric and hanging out / the city’s mood / deficits. We talked about Ryan Kesler / triple overtime in a game being murder for the East Coast / Jared being the former spokesman for Subway / Roberto Luongo / Steph being at the game / John Shorthouse on Team 1040 vs. CBC commentary / the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course he could have some peanuts / iced tea while opening my orange juice and having his own water! We went to Subway during the second intermission, and discussed Veggie Delight / egg salad / Italian Tomato / chipotle sauce / bread / onions / cucumbers / olives.

Went home JUST in time for an L.A. tying goal, which eventually led to overtime! Talked about Nathan being in town, our mothers’ reactions while watching hockey, scoring chances, shots on goal, the changes which could come in the off-season, and more. However, it ended really brutally… 2-1 five minutes into OT. UGH, BITTER! Discussed “SEEKING STANLEY,” post-mortem calls, Cliff Ronning, the Vegas wedding and timeline, NHL.com, gum, player lines on the ice, the language debate in Montreal (Pierre Gauthier), the police, reactions to the loss, hanging out with Jon pre-baby, SERVANTS, parents, and more. Got him to sign the guestbook, anyway… *sigh* At least we can hang out in future, hopefully with Nate and Jon!


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