Tsui Woo CLOSING?! / $100, Israel, Rita, NEXUS and visa stuff

Steph and Lisa picked me up, and we were off to the townhouse while talking about money / gas prices / expenses / almost forgetting stuff because of the RUSH / alcohol-soaked gummy bears / Tumblr / odors. We had curry chicken, tender beef, oysters, crab, tomatoes, rice, Chinese soup, vegetables, and more while discussing Wayne Gretzky / the hockey playoffs / bubble gum Easter Eggs / doing dishes / flight timing / Uncle Keith on real estate / signing various cards / the May family dinner on Thursday the 10th (Stephen’s birthday!) possibly impacted by Harmony’s delivery / Grandma’s “opinion” on the baby when asked if she’s happy about it (“Your mom will be happy!”) / the CBC feed freezing / news / chocolate and diets (South Beach) / Bryant and Shirley’s wedding on June 30. Also discussed Las Vegas, Lisa’s family (nephews), parental visa / NEXUS applications, Russia, respite, Paris, Egypt, Kleenex and being “sanitary,” “hear ye!”, Pat / Dropbox, baby Maddie, uploading videos of Chinese or Japanese metal ball exercises to Facebook, Mom’s gay friends Tom and Tom (who of course live in San Francisco – she met them on a cruise), extensive travel, coffee, longan, pomelo (Chinese grapefruit), and Danielle moving.

Conversed about Michelle, Eunice and Eddie, my $100 payment being half the amount needed (Mom seems to understand about my money issues), Uncle Eric / Darren having to be a doctor / Derek in real estate, Tsui Woo CLOSING this Sunday (what the?! / Alan and Auntie Eva told Mom – of course they’re going to go there on Saturday for old times’ sake!), Rita / the thrift shop, baby things, national parks / the Grand Canyon, Grandma being quiet because Jon wasn’t there, READER’S DIGEST, Chrystal, Cindy going to Israel with Becky / dogs / iPod stuff. Later, we looked at pictures of Edwin’s new baby (Rebecca Grace Lee), and discussed Auntie Susan’s criticism and Karen Grace moving to get away at the U of T / Jane / Harmony’s appearance at the baby shower / the baby pool / drinking or sucking from a bottle. It’s surprising that Auntie Susan would talk to DAD about Caesarean sections and childbirth! I talked to Grandma about her Chinese magazine, high heels, and more. Everyone got things to take home: peanuts, socks, leftovers, tomatoes, cucumbers, VCR to DVD technology, mixed seafood, muffins, tapes, maps and travel guides, juice, and more.

Grandma (92 years old, knowing little English) on the St. Louis-San Jose hockey game: “Oh, this looks hard. Can you do this? [upon seeing a scramble with plenty of traffic at the net] Aiya! Are they going to put it in?!” How cute!

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