Dementia, Easter bunnies, stress in keeping up, and a 5-2 win!

Found myself still craving some Mexican food, so I went out to get some at Richmond Centre… turns out I forgot about the construction in the food court! DEMENTIA! Also got myself a 200g Easter bunny with rice crisps inside at Shoppers – I thought I’d done that yesterday, but it turned out I didn’t. Since I was there, I got three packages (two dark chocolate, and one white chocolate) of unexpectedly on-sale Lindt chocolate eggs (today was the last day!) and some Smarties eggs. (I decided to give some to Chrystal later)

Overhearing a conversation between a clerk and a security officer, I heard about a major shoplifter in Richmond: apparently, his thing is to pick up receipts off the floor, see if he can get similar items from the shelves, and get away with stealing. He had six undercover cops trailing him from Lansdowne to Richmond Centre once, and does this at ALL the stores! Bought myself a banana bubble tea at Big Orange, too. I was home in plenty of time for my beloved weekly tradition and the hockey game, so that was a BONUS!

EARTH HOUR is tomorrow, and that always reminds me of my ex and Chilliwack’s Cottonwood Mall in 2008. WHY IS MY ALMOND MILK ALL FROZEN AND SUCH?! I WAS GOING TO DRINK IT, TOO! NOW I HAVE TO GO OUT AND BUY SOME MORE! Went out to London Drugs, and was back just in time for the hockey game – got two almond milks and one Koala raspberry-guava drink. Since Scarlett added me to ANOTHER active hockey group without my permission, I had way too much to keep up with while the game was on – UGH, SO STRESSFUL! Some random person by the name of Charles Labree tried adding me to Facebook – I DON’T THINK SO! At least the game ended with Vancouver winning 5-2 against the Stars!

Like I said in my FB status: “I decided I can’t keep up with two active hockey groups, two relatively active communities, an active weekly Friday post elsewhere, and my own FB feed during a game. WAY TOO MUCH STRESS. I’ve dropped the new hockey group. (not this one) The next person to add me to a group without my permission gets unfriended.” I can just imagine trying to keep up with this shit when Eric comes over tomorrow… I don’t want to know how stressed I’d have been if I had Trillian ON tonight!

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