Canada dropping the penny / Chinese Eric!

Canada is finally dropping the penny – yay! Mom says we’re having turkey, gnocchi (with tomato basil sauce), and cheesecake or mango pudding at Easter dinner. Once I saw Chinese Eric online, I shot him a message; he says it should be okay for the 9th! Then he said that he needed to take his grandma for hospital checkups on Saturday, and isn’t sure what time it’ll be done; if he calls me when he finishes, it should be all good. I have no idea what I feel like for dinner then, haha. Of course I updated him on recent developments while calling Steph and discussing Mom / family drama / my turning into Mom / parental support in their own way / Lisa’s family! Eric and I also discussed Nate, how Jon and Harmony are preparing themselves for the kid (books!), the baby staying only a couple days in the hospital, spoiling the kid with a big family, Taco Del Mar (Ironwood and Bridgeport are on the edges of the city!), Taco Luis in Lansdowne Mall, mall closing hours on Saturdays, Subway being healthy enough, and more. Of course he had to go to bed when he got sleepy – I just stayed up reading CRACKED articles, which is less intensive than what I’ve been doing for the past few days. Might go to bed myself pretty soon…

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